Mentor Program and New Member Orientation

Welcome New Members

We have programs and events to help you get informed and learn how to get the most out of your LLI membership.

Mentor Program

Shortly after acceptance, each new member will be contacted by email or phone from an LLI mentor.  Mentors are current members who have volunteered to guide new members through the orientation process and their first semester at LLI.

Mentors can explain class offerings and registration, direct new members to Zoom and ProClass information and later provide direction to volunteer opportunities. 

When we return to campus, Mentors can explain on-campus logistics such as classroom locations and parking.

Many members enjoy the unique personal connection with other members in the region that our classes and programs offer.  The mentor program is the initial outreach to allow new members to be informed and welcomed.

New Member Orientation

This fall term the Member Services Team will host 4 online orientations to new members in mid August.  The dates are set out in the welcome letter.  The Membership Development chairperson will provide an overview of the LLI program.  Nanci Kryzak our president will explain LLI’s relationship to Bard and briefly explain some of the benefits of being a part of this great campus community.  The class offerings will be reviewed by Anne Summers, our beloved curriculum chairperson.  New members will briefly be instructed about our online Zoom classes, our new ProClass registration system and our wonderful website by Deborah Schwartz and Susan Christoffersen.

Kim Sears our Member Services Team chairperson will host several small group online socials in September.  This is an opportunity to meet other new members.

When we return to campus, you will receive information regarding the Bard campus, where  classrooms are located, how to receive parking permits and student ID cards.  We will provide a name badge and lanyard which all members wear so we can identify each other and connect on a first name basis.

Questions about the Mentor Program and Orientations?  Contact Robert Inglish, Membership Development Chairperson <>.

Learn about member programs

There is so much going on at LLI, it can be difficult to understand it all. New member orientation programs can help you get the most out of your membership.