Mentor Program and New Member Orientation

Welcome New Members

We have programs and events to help you get informed and learn how to get the most out of your LLI membership.

Mentor Program

Soon after acceptance, each new member receives an email or phone call from an LLI mentor. Mentors are current members who have volunteered to guide new members through the orientation process and their first semester at LLI.

Mentors can explain on-campus logistics, answer basic questions about LLI and our programs, and introduce other members. Many members meet their mentors during the summer or connect at the New Member Orientation/Fall Luncheon in early September.

Interested LLI members are encouraged to become mentors when recruited during the spring semester.

New Member Orientation

In early September, the New Member Orientation is conducted by the Member Services Subcommittee. Name tags and information folders are distributed, and the new members are welcomed by LLI’s President, Tom Esposito.  

The orientation provides a short introduction to membership in LLI and key Bard campus logistical information to help new members more easily become acclimated to life on campus. 

The Fall Luncheon and Member Art Show follow the orientation, and a campus tour is conducted after the luncheon.

Check the website homepage for dates and times.

Learn about member programs

There is so much going on at LLI, it can be difficult to understand it all. New member orientation programs can help you get the most out of your membership.