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The Bard LLI 2020 Art Show Online
Click this link to submit your images for the Bard LLI 2020 Art Show.  Or use this link to view the paintings and photographs already submitted.

Help! How do I join a Zoom meeting? 
Click here for basic instructions on attending Zoom meetings.  And here is a brand new guide from a brand new LLI member with Zoom 101 tips for PC, Mac, iPad and tablet users.
Tired of the world looking at your forehead or your ceiling?  Here is a great guide to finding the best lighting and camera angles for Zoom meetings.  And a new page of Zoom tips from LLI members!

Looking Ahead: LLI is always looking for volunteers to serve as Session Managers for our full slate of virtual classes.  Click here to learn about being a Session Manager.  We provide training and guarantee you will love the new friends you gain and the new skills you learn.  Information on all current volunteer opportunities at LLI is here.

The Bard Conservatory Offers Concert Videos and features its Noon Concerts Streaming Live:  Click here to access concert videos.  Or subscribe to the Bard Conservatory YouTube channel here.
Each Wednesday Fisher Center’s Virtual Stage UPSTREAMING will release new content, including digital commissions and beloved performances from our archives. 
The Orchestra Now at Home:  Until we can gather again, join TŌN  at Home for videos of past concerts.

Life Goes On, Even When We Are All Staying Home:  Our LLI  members have put together a stupendous list of resources for LLI members and all of our friends and neighbors.  Ways to stay connected, stay entertained, stay educated and to stay safe.  Click here to read the whole list.

For more information, see the Bard College COVID-19 page.  The page is updated frequently and includes the most recent information available. Bard has issued notice that the campus is closed to any person who does not live, work, or study at Bard, until further notice.

Need tech help as an LLI member? Email techhelp@lli.bard.edu for help (including getting LLI.bard.edu email addresses). DO NOT contact the Bard help desk, which is only for Bard students and faculty.

News + Notes

Winter Sowing Social


As Susan Hinkle and Deborah Barrow told us at the Winter Sowing Social Gathering on February 18th, February is a wonderful time to start growing your hearty fruits and vegetables. It just takes a bit of know-how, an abundance of enthusiasm,

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Meet the Nominees for LLI Council


As you know, Council is the governing body of LLI, and key positions are elected by the membership for two-year terms. The upcoming term for newly elected Council members will be from July 1, 2021, to June 30, 2023.

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How to Improve WiFi for Zoom


I was frequently getting “Your Internet Connection is Unstable” messages and was dropped from a couple of meetings until I followed some of the suggestions below. As we start the spring semester, I thought it would be useful to share these tips for improving your WiFi capability while using Zoom.

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At Our Twentieth Anniversary, LLI Is Added to the Bard Archives


Back in 2016, LLI President Joyce Carter-Krawczyk asked Helene Tieger, College Archivist at Bard’s Stevenson Library, for advice and assistance. Joyce was concerned that there was no consistent collection to document the story of LLI.

Helene did have an envelope with some miscellaneous early records,

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Behind the Scenes at WinterFest


If you signed up for WinterFest sessions, you know that we had wonderful presentations—and a couple of bumps. But you don’t know the half of it. Our amazing session managers always appeared calm and collected even as they figured out how to let the presentations go forward.

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Volunteer? Who, Me?

We all know how volunteers are really recruited. Admit it.

You’re sitting in a Zoom meeting and someone asks, “Anyone want to volunteer for the holiday fruitcake baking committee?”

No one even twitches.

Later that night,

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Why Is Bard’s Campus Closed to Us?


Bard has had amazing success at managing the COVID-19 pandemic in its community. Over the last year, despite welcoming students on campus from around the world, it has had only 10 cases of COVID-19, six among students and four among employees.

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Anticipating Spring Classes


The frost may still be in the air, but March 18 and 19, the first two days of classes, are not that far away. Thanks to the Curriculum Team, we once again have a wide range of interesting classes to tempt us.

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And You Thought You Were Done with Elections!


January kicks off our 2021 election cycle for Council, the main governing body of LLI. Council consists of elected officers (five), elected members at large (four), and appointed standing committee chairpersons (six). This year we will nominate and elect members for:

  • 2nd Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Two Members at Large

Council meetings will give you the opportunity to contribute your ideas about how LLI can be run while working with some interesting,

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Upcoming Events

Start DateEnd DateEvent
Dec 7Newsletter published
No December Curriculum Meeting
Dec 21Council Meeting
Jan 6Feb 3WinterFest on Zoom (Five Wednesdays, beginning January 6)
Jan 7Jan 25Call for Council nominations
Jan 7Newsletter published
Jan 12Curriculum Committee Meeting
Jan 19Council Meeting (MLK, Jr Day is Monday, Jan 18 - this is a Tuesday)
Feb 7Newsletter published
Feb 9Curriculum Committee Meeting
Feb 16Council Meeting (President's Day is Monday - this is a Tuesday)
Feb 26Spring semester catalog available
Mar 4Spring semester registration opens
Mar 7Newsletter published
Mar 9Curriculum Committee Meeting
Mar 15Mar 29Election Voting
Mar 15Council Meeting
Mar 18Apr 30Spring classes on Zoom, Thursday and Fridays on March 18, 19, 25, 26; April 1, 2, 8, 9, 15, 16, 22, 23, 29, 30
Mar 26Last day to register for a spring course
TBDSeniors to Seniors Tea- 3 - 5 pm
Apr 4Newsletter published
Apr 63 - 5 pmSenior to Senior Tea on Zoom
Apr 13Curriculum Committee Meeting
Apr 19Council Meeting
TBDRecruit mentors for 2021-2022 new members
May 7Newsletter published
May 11Curriculum Committee Meeting
May 14Annual business meeting, on Zoom; budget presented and election results announced
May 14SummerFest catalog available
May 17Annual survey sent to members
May 21SummerFest registration opens
Jun 1Jun 21Member renewal and electronic payment
Jun 1Jun 21New member applications accepted
Jun 4Jun 25SummerFest 2021 - Four Fridays in June 4, 11, 18, 25
Jun 7Newsletter published
Jun 11Last day to register for SummerFest Class
Jun 15Curriculum Committee Meeting
Jun 21Council Meeting
Jun 30End of academic year

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Second call: (845) 758-7777 or from emergency call boxes: 7777

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Bard EMS is always to be called second. While the service provides the fastest response, it follows the college academic schedule and is therefore not always available.

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