Communications Subcommittee

What We Do

The Communications Subcommittee provides LLI and prospective members with information about activities and news about the organization and its members.

Key Tasks

  • Prepare newsletters, bulletins, and other publications for LLI Members.
  • Ensure all documents use the same style of communication.
  • Review descriptions of LLI and its activities on our website and other published material.
  • Conduct communication surveys with members in coordination with the 1st Vice President.
  • Draft messages for the President or other Executive Officers, when necessary.
  • Develop a plan to educate and inform LLI members about activities, policies, and volunteer opportunities.
  • Edit, on request, communications by Council members and committee chairs.
  •  Keep volunteers who answer the LLI phone line informed of news and policy or operations updates.

Required Coordination

The Communications Subcommittee coordinates with officers and many committees, especially Member Services, Registration, Special Programs, Curriculum, Class Support, Membership Development, and Planning and Evaluation.

Time Commitment / Duration

  • Meetings monthly for core committee members;
  • Occasional meetings, as needed, for writers, editors, photographers who are not core committee members;
  • Writing, editing, copy-editing, photography assignments occasionally throughout the year;
  • Developing materials for the website;
  • Website management ongoing, several hours per month; semi-annual review and update
  • Publications, timing, and relevant deadlines for annual LLI Calendar, communications with membership via e-mail or monthly newsletter, and publicity for events including posters and e-mails.

Special Skills

  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Photography
  • Graphic art
  • Proofreading
  • Project management (to oversee newsletter production)

Inform LLI Members

You can help us maintain the high standards of communication our members have come to expect.