Registration Subcommittee

What We Do

The Registration Subcommittee provides an efficient and fair registration experience for LLI members and applicants, obtains classroom assignments from Bard, and provides registration information and reports to other committees and Council members.

Key Tasks

  • Contact Bard Assistant Registrar to identify available classrooms.
  • Assign rooms for classes.
  • Maintain LLI Registration database.
  • Enter key class information in database.
  • Receive and record all registration forms and fees in database.
  • Send out registration confirmation to LLI members.
  • Provide for registration changes during first 2 weeks of class.
  • Update database with class changes.
  • Evaluate registration software solutions to streamline the registration process.

Required Coordination

The Registration Subcommittee interacts and coordinates its tasks with the Catalog, Curriculum, Class Support, AV/Tech Committees, and Member Services Committees; the Treasurer, Secretary, and Council Members of LLI; and the Bard Assistant Registrar and Bard Assistant Comptroller.​

Time Commitment / Duration

  • Registration has three meetings each for the fall and spring semesters.
  • For the fall semester, the Committee meets once in June and twice in August.
  • The meetings for the spring semester occur in January and February.
  • The meetings for Summerfest are in April and May.

Special Skills

  • Computer skills
  • Coordination
  • Attention to detail
  • Experience with LLI registration process

Register members for classes

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