Request Email to Members for Committee Chairs

What We Do

For LLI Standing Committee and Subcommitee Chairs only: here are instructions for requesting an email sent to all LLI members.


Please allow one week (7 days) lead time from the time you submit your request until the date you want your email sent.

This allows the Communications Committee and you to have enough time to review and correct drafts of this email.

If you are not a committee chair, email and we will consider your request. Note: we send email messages to our members only about LLI activities.

Link to Form

Please click the button below to link to the request form. Complete the form (as much as you can) and click “submit” at the end. 

You should hear back from the Communications Committee within 24 – 48 hours. 

Inform LLI Members

You can help us maintain the high standards of communication our members have come to expect.