Benefits of LLI Membership

Welcome to Bard LLI!

LLI is a welcoming community that provides non-credit educational courses and social opportunities to our members. We are totally volunteer-run and managed, under the sponsorship of Bard College.

Wide Variety of Courses

Given during four terms

7-week fall and spring semesters, 4-week SummerFest and WinterFest programs. Members may register for as few or as many courses as they choose.

Review our past courses

See our catalog archive for previously offered courses.
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Lifetime Learning

With volunteer opportunities

There are many ways for members to contribute to LLI, based on the skills and interests of each individual member. You might have spent a career developing skills and want to continue using them, or you may want to try something completely new.

Volunteer coordinators help you

Our volunteer coordinator(s) will help you find satisfying ways to contribute.
Current volunteer opportunities

Social Gatherings

Both in person and online

Our Social Gatherings Team organizes themed, small group activities for members with similar interests (such as gardening, hiking, tea parties).

Special Events

LLI also sponsors special events each year, such as a fall luncheon, the annual membership meeting, new member orientation, etc.

Bard College Resources

LLI members are guests of Bard College

Members are encouraged to explore and enjoy the benefits of this exciting, inclusive learning environment and its beautiful campus.

View the Bard calendar

The Bard calendar includes concerts, art shows, lectures, and many exciting programs.
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Center for Civic Engagement

Lifetime Friendships

Meet new friends

By participating in LLI courses, volunteer opportunities, social gatherings, and special events, members have formed many friendships with others who share their love of learning.

LLI provides a way to meet others

Class discussions, hospitality rooms, social gatherings, and volunteer work provide opportunities to form relationships with like-minded people.

Spring 2024

COVID Vaccination Policy

LLI’s policy regarding COVID-19 is aligned with Bard’s policy. We require that all our members, presenters, and guests be fully vaccinated. Our plan is to continue with the “mask-friendly” policy that Bard follows as well. Anyone who wants to wear a mask on campus is welcome to do so, and presenters can set a mask policy in their own classrooms. It is important for members to remember to carry a mask with you in case you need one.

Moreover, out of consideration of others, we ask that no one attend class or any other LLI event if you are feeling unwell, including dealing with a persistent cough or the sniffles or other easily communicable virus.

Members will not be able to register on ProClass for any in-person class or event until they have presented proof of vaccination, including at least one booster. Vaccinations are not required for classes presented on Zoom only or for the Zoom section of hybrid courses. If you have not already done so, please email your proof of vaccination, including at least one booster, to [email protected]. You may email a photo or screenshot of either your CDC COVID-19 vaccination card or the digital NYS Excelsior Pass. Members are reminded to wear their lanyard at all times while on Bard’s campus or at an LLI event off campus.

For more information

Please explore the LLI website to learn more about who we are and what we do. The home page shows current announcements and activities as well as the annual calendar. You may also subscribe to receive the LLI newsletter.

If you would like to speak with a real person, email us at [email protected] and our volunteers will make sure you are directed to the right person to answer your questions. 

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