New Member Services

Welcome New Members

LLI wants our new members to feel welcomed, appreciated, and informed of our offerings. Below are the programs and events to welcome you and help you realize the benefits of your LLI membership.
If you have questions about your new membership, contact [email protected]

Mentor Program

Shortly after admittance, an LLI mentor will contact each new member by email or phone.  Mentors are current members who have volunteered to guide new members through the orientation process and their first semester at LLI.

Mentors will explain course offerings and registration, direct new members to Zoom and ProClass information, and later provide direction to volunteer opportunities. 

When we return to campus, mentors will explain on-campus logistics such as classroom locations, LLI parking, and Bard food services.

Many members enjoy the unique personal connection with other members that our classes and programs offer. The mentor program is the initial outreach to allow new members to be informed and welcomed.

New Member Orientation

The Member Services Team will host orientations before classes begin to help new members to:

  • Meet and socialize with other new members and long-time members;
  • Learn more about LLI programs;
  • Find out about LLI’s relationship with Bard College;
  • Explore some of the volunteer opportunities available.

Depending on pandemic status, these may be either in-person or online. All new members will receive an emailed invitation to orientation(s).

Volunteer Information Sessions

All members contribute to running LLI which keeps our fees low. Each person has something to offer. The challenge is finding the right volunteer position that is fun, of interest, and meaningful.

At these information sessions, LLI committee and team chairs describe what they do and the kind of help needed. This gives new members a better understanding of how LLI works and how they can make LLI even better with their contributions.

In addition to the volunteer sessions, we encourage all members to attend a committee, team, or Council meeting and explore where help is needed. 

If you have questions about volunteering, please contact our volunteer coordinator at [email protected]

Members working

Campus Activities

When we return to campus, new members will be instructed how to:

  • Attend a Bard campus tour to see where LLI classrooms are located;
  • Pick up parking permits;
  • Obtain Bard photo ID cards;
  • Receive and wear an LLI name badge on a red lanyard to easily identify each other and connect on a first name basis.

Learn about member programs

There is so much going on at LLI, it can be difficult to understand it all. New member orientation programs can help you get the most out of your membership.