New Member Services

Welcome New Members

LLI wants our new members to feel welcomed, appreciated, and informed of our offerings. Below are some programs and events to welcome you and help you realize the benefits of your LLI membership.

If you have questions about your new membership, contact [email protected].

LLI Website

Our website,, will be a resource for you during your entire experience as a member of LLI.  Please familiarize yourself with this site which includes notices about events both at LLI and Bard College.

The organization structure is outlined.

Officers and committees are listed.

There is a campus parking map.

Pro Class member log in is provided for you to register for classes and events.

A calendar for events throughout the year is posted.

Mentor Program


This letter provides a link to register your car with Bard security.  The letter contains information about campus tours and orientation.


You will be contacted by email or phone by an LLI member who will serve as your mentor.  Your mentor will be available to you throughout this first semester.  Any questions you have about membership and events can be discussed with this LLI volunteer.  If you have tech questions, contact <[email protected]>.

Campus tours

The Membership Development Committee will provide a tour of the Bard campus and point out classroom buildings, event spaces and parking access.  You will be able to obtain your student ID after the tour.  The tour is scheduled for September 7th, after Membership Orientation.

  • Meet and socialize with other new members and long-time members;
  • Learn more about LLI programs;
  • Find out about LLI’s relationship with Bard College;
  • Explore some of the volunteer opportunities available.

New Member Orientation

September 7th at 9 am an orientation meeting will be held in Weis Cinema at the Bertlesmann Student Center. 

Membership Development committee members will discuss such things as parking, dining options and Bard campus benefits to members in addition to a general overview. 

You will be introduced to some key LLI volunteers.

Nanci Kryzak at Orientation

future events

During the fall semester we will notify you of some events which will provide you direction about volunteering at LLI. 

Remember we are an all-volunteer organization, no one is paid.  These events will also provide you an opportunity to meet other new members.

around bard

Bard Campus Map with Virtual Touring –

Center for Civic Engagement –

Arboretum –

Blithewood Garden –

Fisher Center – https://fishercenter.bard .edu/

HAC- Hannah Arendt Center –

Hessel Museum of Art –

Montgomery Place –

Learn about member programs

There is so much going on at LLI, it can be difficult to understand it all. New member orientation programs can help you get the most out of your membership.