Planning and Evaluation

What We Do

The Planning and Evaluation Committee manages LLI’s long-range planning and formulates global directions, as well as recommending specific changes. The Committee is also responsible for evaluating new programs and policies, whether curricular, social, technological, or administrative.

Key Tasks

  • Manage LLI’s annual and long-range planning and developing periodic 3- to 5-year plans.
  • Track progress and implementation of long-range plans.
  • Coordinate the work of standing committees.
  • Collect data needed to monitor operations and to evaluate changes and new initiatives.
  • Plan and host Council workshops or retreats.
  • Other responsibilities as assigned by the President.
  • Oversee DEI/Social Justice Task Group

Required Coordination

The Planning and Evaluation Committee coordinates with other committees and with the LLI Council.​

Time Commitment / Duration

  • This committee meets monthly on the 2nd Monday of each month for up to 2 hours.
  • Additional tasks are assigned to members of the committee, as needed.
  • Tasks vary in scope and time commitment from a few hours to a longer commitment spread over several weeks or months.

Special Skills

  • Knowledge of the organization and its operations, preferably through experience on the LLI Council or interest in learning about the organization and leadership opportunities.
  • Familiarity with the LLI Policy and Operations Manual.
  • Skills related to program planning and evaluation (e.g., project coordination, survey tools, and communications).

Plan and coordinate changes to LLI

As LLI grows and the world changes, this committee develops long-range plans, changes and directions.