Applying to LLI

Bard LLI welcomes applications from a diverse and inclusive pool of all potential members. Applications for membership should be submitted between June 1 and June 21, using the instructions below.

Most, if not all, applicants are admitted each year. Sometimes there are more applicants than openings. In this case, new members are admitted by lottery from the applicant pool. Priority is given to presenters who have taught a full-semester course in the current program year or are scheduled to teach a full-semester course in the upcoming fall semester.

If you are not admitted, you are encouraged to apply again the next year. LLI does not maintain a waiting list.

Membership Expectations

Once admitted to LLI (see Applying to LLI for more details on how to be admitted), our members are responsible for the following:

  • An email address. LLI communicates via the LLI website, a monthly newsletter and email messages.
  • Internet access to view the website, participate in online classes, complete member surveys and course evaluations, and engage in many volunteer opportunities.
  • Ability to pay annual membership fees (currently $175/year) electronically with a credit card (MasterCard or Visa). Confidential, limited scholarships are available as described below.

For more information on the responsibilities of members, please review Membership> Current Members> Expectations + Orientation on the LLI website.

LLI welcomes applications from all potential members. Limited scholarship assistance is available. 

To apply, please contact the president at [email protected] before paying the annual membership fee. Requests are confidential. Scholarships are granted for one year, and may be renewed if allocated funds remain available.

New Member Key Dates

June 1 – June 21: Apply for membership

Early July: Notification of admittance

Mid-July: Membership dues paid by credit card

Late July: New members contacted by their mentors

Mid-August: New member orientations

Late August: Catalog released with fall courses (all members receive an email notification)

Early September: Course registration

Late September: Fall courses begin

LLI uses ProClass to accept applications, track memberships, and register admitted members for courses. Members control their own data, so they can easily check on course registrations, change email addresses, etc.  

To apply to LLI, access ProClass through the LLI website by navigating to Courses> ProClass Registration Link from the top navigation bar or by using this link. Fill out the form, including:

  • The first field, your relationship to LLI should be set to “Applicant”;
  • Username should be something you can easily remember, such as your first initial and last name (e.g., jdoe);
  • Email is the email address where you will receive messages from LLI;
  • Password should be written down; you will use your username and password to access your information;
  • Address, phone, and LLI information fields should all be completed. 

Click the red “submit” button at the bottom to save your information to the database.

Note that fields with a red asterisk are required to submit your data.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].

Join LLI

Applications for admission are processed in early July. You will receive email messages upon admittance on how to pay your membership fees.