Committee Chairs

Join the LLI Volunteer team

All of the work of LLI is done by volunteers. We encourage you to help. See open volunteer positions in Membership> Participating Members> Volunteer Help Needed or contact a committee chair listed below to learn more about different committees. Committee chairs can be reached by emailing Also, visit our Organization area of this site to read detailed descriptions of committees.

The table below shows all LLI Standing Committee and their teams, in alphabetical order by Standing Committee and then by team. 

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Standing CommitteeTeamFirst NameLast NameLLI EmailCommittee Email
Council1st Vice
Council2nd Vice
CouncilMember at
CouncilMember at LargeOpen Seat
CouncilMember at
CouncilMember at
Administration / InfrastructureAdministration /
Administration /
Administration /
Administration /
Administration /
Administration /
Administration /
Curricular and Special ProgramsCurricular and Special
Curricular and Special
Curricular and Special ProgramsArt
Curricular and Special ProgramsSpecial
GovernanceLiaison to
Membership DevelopmentMembership
Membership DevelopmentMembership Development,
Membership DevelopmentMember
Membership DevelopmentMember
Membership DevelopmentSocial
Membership DevelopmentSocial Gatheringsunassignedunassigned
Membership DevelopmentVolunteer
Planning and EvaluationPlanning and
Program SupportProgram
Program SupportAVunassignedunassigned
Program SupportClass
Program SupportClass Support