Annual Calendar

Major Annual events

The annual calendar shows the dates of key LLI events. This page is under development

Bard LLI Calendar

To Submit Updates to Calendar

Send an email to [email protected] to add or change events.

Subscribe to the LLI Calendar

When you subscribe to the LLI calendar, you can see the LLI events on your personal calendar.

To subscribe to the Bard LLI Calendar:

  1. On your computer, click the button below. This will open the Bard LLI calendar.
  2. On the pop up, click “Add” to add this to your other calendars
  3. The calendar will appear in your personal Google calendar on the left under “Other Calendars.”
  4. Click the checkbox in front of the calendar name to display the events. Click it again to remove the display on your personal calendar.

Annual Calendar drives all LLI dates

The annual calendar shows members what to expect during the year and serves as a guide to committee work