Annual Calendar

Major Annual events

The annual calendar shows the dates of key LLI events. It is initiated by Planning and Evaluation Committee and then approved by Council.

January 2022 - June 2022 Calendar

Start DateEnd DateEvent   
January 5January 26WinterFest on Zoom (Four Wednesdays, beginning January 5)
January 7Newsletter published
January 11Curriculum Committee Meeting
January 14January 24Call for Council nominations
January 18Council Meeting (MLK, Jr Day is Monday, Jan 18 – this is a Tuesday)
February 7Newsletter published
February 8Curriculum Committee Meeting
February 9Membership Development Meeting
Bylaw amendments sent to members
February 22Council Meeting (President’s Day is Monday – this is a Tuesday)
February 24Spring Registration
March 7Newsletter published
March 8Curriculum Committee Meeting
March 9Special program with Jamie Raskin starts 7 p.m.
March 9Membership Development Meeting
March 10April 21Spring classes on Zoom, Thursdays on March 10, 17, 24, 31; April 7, 14, 21
March 11April 22Spring classes on Campus, Fridays on March 11, 18, 25, April 1, 8, 15, 22
March 14March 28Election Voting
March 21Council Meeting
March 19Last day to register for a spring course
April 7Newsletter published
April 12Curriculum Committee Meeting
April 13Membership Development Meeting
April 22 3:30-5:30Seniors to Seniors Scholarship Presentation and Tea
April 18Council Meeting
April 18Approve results of election
April 22Seniors to Seniors Scholarships Presentation and Tea
TBDRecruit mentors for 2021-2022 new members
May 7Newsletter published.
May 10Curriculum Committee Meeting
May 11Membership Development Meeting
May 13Annual business meeting, on Zoom; budget presented and election and bylaws amendment results announced
May 13SummerFest catalog available
May 16May 31Annual survey sent to members
May 16Council Meeting
May 20June 10SummerFest registration
June 1June 21Member renewal and electronic payment
June 1June 21New member applications accepted
June 3June 24SummerFest 2021 – Four Fridays in June 3, 10, 17, 24
June 7Newsletter published
June 8Membership Development Meeting
June 14Curriculum Committee Meeting
June 21Council Meeting (Juneteenth is celebrated at Bard so Council will meet on Tuesday)
June 30End of academic and fiscal year

July 2022 - December 2022 Calendar

Preliminary and Tentative. Subject to change.

Start 2021End 2021Events
July New Council starts
July Notify new applicants of admittance
July July New members payments
July Newsletter published
July July Social Event with Lauren Rose
July 12Curriculum Committee Meeting
July 18Council Meeting
August Newsletter published
August 16Curriculum Committee Meeting
August 25Fall catalog released (website and ProClass)
August 22Council Meeting
August Campus tours for new members
August Campus tours for new members
September 1Registration for Fall classes
September On-campus orientation for new members
September Newsletter published
September Zoom orientation for new members
September 13Curriculum Committee Meeting
September 19Council Meeting
September 15November 11 Fall semester
September 24Last day to register for a Fall course
October 7Newsletter published
October 13October 14No LLI Classes
October 11Curriculum Meeting
October 17Council Meeting
November 3November 4No LLI classes
November 7Newsletter published
November 8Curriculum meeting open house
November 10November 11Fall semester ends
November 21Council Meeting
December 7Newsletter published
December WinterFest catalog released
No December Curriculum Meeting
December 19Council Meeting

Annual Calendar drives all LLI dates

The annual calendar shows members what to expect during the year and serves as a guide to committee work