Technology Team

What We Do

The Technology Subcommittee is responsible for developing and supporting online solutions to LLI activities such as Communications, Nominations, Elections, Member Applications and Registration, Class Evaluations, Member Surveys, etc. The Committee makes itself available to other LLI committees that need assistance or solutions to execute their responsibilities.

Key Tasks

  • Determines the technology platforms needed to meet LLI needs.
  • Manages online  software applications to aid in LLI operations. For example, LLI uses MailChimp for emailing members. The technology team manages the MailChimp list and provides design support to other committees. Other applications used by LLI include Survey Monkey (for elections), forms (for gather member data) and WordPress for the LLI website.
  • Trains committee members in the use of LLI technology applications.
  • Provides training and support to other committees.

Required Coordination

Tech requires working with team members, coordination and cooperation with tech teams and other LLI committees.


Time Commitment / Duration

The time commitment is variable throughout the year.

When classes are in session, the technology committee works behind the scenes to support administrative functions such as member surveys, elections and newsletters.

When classes are not in session, the technology committee is focused on planning and developing efficient platforms that meet LLI requirements.

Special Skills

  • Familiarity with office applications: Excel, Word, PowerPoint
  • Database skills, especially importing, exporting and filtering data.
  • Software evaluation.
  • User administration.

Improve LLI Operations

Our members and committee chairs rely on us to streamline operations and decrease manual efforts needed to support operations.