Council Members

Elected Officers

Nanci Kryzak


Nanci Kryzak became a member of Bard LLI in 2017 and quickly joined the Membership Development Committee. She served as Chair of the Member Services Team beginning in July 2018 and was also appointed First Vice President in February 2019. She began her term as President in July 2020.

Welcoming our new members remains one of Nanci’s favorite responsibilities. She wants them to know from their first days that LLI is managed by interested volunteers who invite all members to get involved in helping everyone to learn and grow. She also loves leading our new member tours of the eclectic and horticulturally-diverse Bard campus. 

Nanci was born and raised in Dutchess County and now lives in Clinton Corners with her husband, Jack. Her professional background is in advertising account management, and she lived and worked in the city of New York until she retired early to nurture their two children in the country.

Beyond LLI, she is a garden docent and a member of Mad Gardeners, touring gardens near and far to share her love of plants and garden design. She sings with her church choir and the Bard Symphonic Chorus, feeding her passion for sacred choral music. One of Nanci’s favorite pastimes is driving the backroads of the Hudson Valley to discover even more about the exquisite natural beauty that surrounds us.

“I am honored to serve as President of LLI, and I am enormously grateful for the colleagues and friends with whom I share the privilege of working for this excellent organization.”


Linda Stanley

1st Vice President

Linda Stanley, our incoming 1st Vice President, is modest about her long history as a volunteer. She described her role as a founder and ultimately president of the Rhinebeck Farmers Market this way:

“John Honey knocked on our door and said ‘We need a farmers’ market.’ I didn’t even know what that was. He sold me on the idea. I was one of 15 people who met every other week with Judy from the Cornell Cooperative Extension who helped us find the farmers, then we found a potential manager and worked with the village to make sure we had the go-ahead. Those of us who got it going eventually became the board. I loved the market once I figured out what it was.”

Her experience with Wilderstein was not so different. “I was asked to join the board and did. I didn’t know much about it, so decided to be a docent to learn more. I love that… Wilderstein has been very fortunate to have a great board over the years of people who were very committed to it. And it has a great director. It’s a wonderful volunteer organization because there are only four paid positions. It’s like LLI. It brings out the best in people because they have a real commitment to the organization.”

Asked about her aspirations for the Council, she said she would like to see the volunteer program moving forward and growing. “The organization exists because volunteers do the work. I want to support Nanci who has some innovative ideas. It’s great to have new members as volunteers and officers.” And, as always, “I’ll learn more.”

Linda is an excellent cook and, with an eye to the times in which we are living, shares this recipe for two.


Cathy Reinis

2nd Vice President

Cathy, our incoming 2nd Vice President, has been a Member at Large assigned to chair the Communications Committee.

Cathy Reinis has been a member of LLI since 2006, and has volunteered in several roles. She has been chair of Class Support and of Communications and has served as Secretary of LLI. She is a member of the Curriculum Committee and produces Bard Masters of Math and Science and co-produces Around Bard. She is also a member of the Registration Committee. Cathy is now Interim Chair of the Communications Committee and is working with the committee to enhance our website to keep members informed.

Professionally, Cathy was a writer, editor, and trainer at TIAA, a financial services firm serving higher education. She was manager of TIAA’s HR training and development area, organizing corporate training and facilitating workshops for work groups.

What she loves about LLI@Bard is the intellectual stimulation and the opportunity to work with others to create a great learning organization – and being on the beautiful campus!


Deborah Lanser


Deborah became Secretary of the Bard LLI Council as a way of contributing to the organization and becoming more fully involved with the community.  The position built on her more than 40 years’ experience as a writer and editor as well as her volunteer work as secretary for a nonprofit organization in New York City.  In her time at Bard LLI, she has worked on the Communications Committee and the Catalog Committee, and acted as a class manager.

She was raised in the Hudson River Valley, went to college in Chicago, and then moved to New York City. While she and her husband, Steve, lived in the city, they also maintained a place in Newburgh and often came up to Bard to hear concerts. When they retired, they chose to move to Rhinebeck, knowing they would enjoy the beauty of the Hudson River Valley and the cultural riches of the area.

Their participation in Bard LLI has only enhanced their pleasure in living here. They have delighted in taking both intellectually challenging and lighthearted courses. And they have continued to attend  concerts at Bard, with a profound appreciation for the quality of the performances. But perhaps the most rewarding aspect of joining Bard LLI has been connection with so many interesting, engaged people from a diversity of backgrounds. She is looking forward to helping Bard LLI enrich of our lives.


Robert Beaury


Robert Beaury, our new Treasurer, wears many hats. As a town supervisor, he also holds a seat on the Columbia County legislature and serves on most of the County’s standing committees, including the Economic Development Committee, which he chairs. The coronavirus shutdown has him setting up platforms for grants to help small businesses, recruiting a small army of volunteers to reach out to people needing food and other support; procuring hand sanitizer for the retirement home, school district, fire company, and the general public; making sure town employees are safeguarded from contagion; and participating in county business via remote meetings.

As an historian and political science teacher, Robert is particularly interested in late 19th and early 20th century American history – looking at the progressive movement, populism, imperialism, xenophobia, racism, and sexism, and he sees many of the same issues in play today. His class Lessons from Our Civil War, sadly cancelled as part of this spring’s semester, would have focused on that period and how those issues are reflected in society today. We really look forward to its being rescheduled in the future.

Why did such a busy man agree to be our Treasurer? Tom Esposito told him he was the perfect person for the job. “As town CFO, I’m used to making the numbers work.”


Members at Large

Emily Michael

Member at Large

Emily Michael, after completing a Ph.D. in philosophy at the University of Pennsylvania,  accepted a position at Brooklyn College CUNY, where she served as a professor for nearly 40 years.  For most of that time, she also served as the elected Chairperson of the Brooklyn College Philosophy Department, where her duties included budget, curriculum and events planning, scheduling of courses, hiring new full time and part time faculty members, organizing and chairing meetings, writing proposals and reports, participating in Collegewide planning and committees, and other responsibilities of the office.  While Emily was a faculty member at Brooklyn College, besides teaching and chairing, she also published numerous papers in scholarly journals, focusing mainly on the history of philosophy and the history of science in the medieval, Renaissance, and early modern periods and on twentieth century thought.

After her retirement from Brooklyn College, Emily moved to Germantown, and, in short order, she became a member of Bard LLI, where she joined the Curriculum Committee and began planning and producing courses for LLI.   She has enjoyed participating in activities and events at Bard LLI, in meeting Bard LLI members, and in becoming a part of the Bard LLI community.

Her activities include participating in the life of Germantown and in various local organizations.  She is a widow, with two children and six grandchildren.


Chuck Mishaan

Member at Large

Chuck Mishaan was re-elected to Council as a member at large. Chuck has been busy behind the scenes as well as part of a group of tech-savvy LLI members who are working with SummerFest presenters teach them the necessary technical skills to offer a successful class. He’s also working on creating an online format for LLI’s annual meeting.

An important aim of this work is, as Chuck says, “… to stay in touch with the membership, especially the social component. There is lots of educational material available online, but we have a special, unique organization we want to nurture even when we cannot be physically together.”

He’s looking forward to warmer weather and the possibility of having some social gatherings — appropriately distanced — in his backyard.

Chuck is a software solutions developer, specializing in medical applications. He still actively consults with healthcare providers in automating their clinical practice. For many years, he was an adjunct professor at NYU, teaching about technology and its impact on health care.

Chuck is a member of the AV/Tech committee, serves on the Planning & Evaluation Committee, and liaises with the Registration, Communications, Curriculum and Photo/Video Committees. He’s already well known to the LLI membership through his class series Opera as Politics which he has also been presenting at Marist CLS, SUNY New Paltz, Lifespring Saugerties, and Vassar LLI.

You may also have had the opportunity of hearing his introductory lectures to the Met HD Live opera presentations at The Bardavon.


Margaret Moran

Member at Large

Margaret Moran was elected to Council as one of four members at large. She has lived her entire adult life in Dutchess County – first in Clinton Corners, then in Rhinebeck. She feels really fortunate to be here during this time of social distancing. She is able to continue her life in the outdoors – in this season, walking or hiking every day if weather permits. She’s looking forward to summer and her true love — kayaking. “It’s a mini-vacation in itself. I bought my kayak as a present to myself when I was 60.” Her favorite spot to kayak is at the Cape but you can find her on the Hudson on a calm, sunny day as well.

Her work as a Reiki master (a post-retirement profession), along with meditation and mindfulness practice has been very helpful in getting through our social isolation.

Margaret is passing some of her stay-home time doing some creative Zoom calls with her grandchildren up and down the East Coast. She and the grandchildren have been taking turns reading to each other at night, and she’s done some virtual babysitting as well — keeping a Zoom eye on the younger ones playing in their backyard.

Like so many of us, it was word of mouth that brought her to LLI. She sat on the Stanford library board with Bobbi Post, who told her about LLI and convinced her to join. “I loved being on a college campus and Bard is one of the most beautiful. It’s invigorating to have the students there.” After a stint as a class manager, she went to a Curriculum committee meeting. “One meeting and I never stopped going. It was the perfect spot for me.” Right now she is working with some SummerFest presenters to see if they could teach their classes online. Stay tuned.


John Mathews

Member at Large

Raised in the desert Southwest in Tucson, I attended the University of Arizona where I received a BS in biology and an MS in genetics. In 1979 I moved to Europe for six years while attending medical school in Belgium.

After completing my MD, I returned to Arizona to complete an internship and residency in anesthesiology. Moving to the Hudson Valley area in 1992, I joined the Columbia Memorial Hospital Dept. of Anesthesia, serving as chief from 1998 to 2013. I retired from medicine in Sept of 2018. My career at CMH spanned 26 years and I currently serve on both the hospital Foundation Board and the Board of Trustees.

I have been involved with medical humanitarian work in areas of armed conflict with Medicins Sans Frontiers (MSF), also known as Doctors Without Borders. Assignments included five missions: Amman, Jordan; Nigeria; Democratic Republic of Congo (twice), and South Sudan.

My husband Paul and I met in Belgium when I was a med student and have been together 40 years. We live in Athens, NY with our English setter ‘Kai’ in an old (1790’s) Dutch farmhouse. Although Belgian, Paul is an American citizen now and is fluent in English, however, we still speak French at home as it helps maintain my skills (and the dog’s) with that beautifully melodic language. Visitors are always delighted the dog understands French.

I’m also a gentle beekeeper, although I think most beekeepers are gentle by nature. I’m also very happy indeed to have joined Bard LLI in 2019.


Standing Committee Chairs

Deborah Schwartz

Administration / Infrastructure

Deborah serves as Administration/ Infrastructure Chair. As such, she works with Chuck Mishaan to evaluate and support the LLI technology structure. Most recently, she redesigned and developed the LLI WordPress website published in June 2018. She joined LLI in August 2017 and has been thrilled to meet and work with so many interesting people at LLI.

Deborah has worked as a technology consultant with Andersen Consulting (now Accenture), as an owner and manager of a small business specializing in technology-based training for major corporations, and as an MBA professor at Iona College, Fordham, East Carolina University and University of Georgia. She has a Bachelor’s degree from University of Binghamton and MS and Ph.D. from Clemson University. 

Deborah is the proud mother of adult, boy-girl twins, the joys of her life.


Anne Sunners

Curricular and Special Programs

Anne Sunners’ current role is Chairperson of the LLI Curriculum Committee. Since joining  LLI as a founding member in 2000, she has served LLI as President for two terms, head of Hospitality, and a class manager.

Born in Scotland, Anne emigrated to Dutchess County in her 20’s by way of Canada. She has lived in Rhinebeck for 30 years, where she was head of her homeowner’s association. After her retirement as Director of Columbia County Head Start, she became an avid golfer. She has two children and  three grandchildren, who know her as “sungrannie.”

Anne has seen many increased member benefits at LLI over the years, importantly more course offerings, the addition of Intersession and SummerFest, and the technological advances that support both online class registration and membership renewal.

Her advice to new members is to get involved, because, by volunteering, members get to know each other. At LLI, she finds that volunteers work together with sincere dedication to getting the job done.  


Nanci Kryzak


As LLI President, Nanci serves in this position as well.

Linda Still

Membership Development

Linda Still, a member of LLI since 2017, is proud to step into the role of MD chair.  She is happy that Robert Inglish will remain actively engaged on the committee as deputy chair.

Linda is a retired educator, teaching for 20 years at Kingston High School, and is very proud of her past involvement with Bard College. She participated in many Writing and Thinking workshops and also was a mentor teacher to two exceptional Bard MAT students.

Linda is on the techhelp team at LLI, and finds great satisfaction in helping people. She is very impressed by the fabulous volunteers that surround her and is grateful to have found such an intelligent, curious, and active community at Bard LLI.  She also serves on the Stone Ridge Library board of trustees.

Linda loves spending time with her family, traveling, movies, and music. She looks forward to being able to go to a concert, but in the meantime, she is really glad to have the zoom platform for a little bit of fun, education, and safe social interaction.


Jill Lundquist

Planning and Evaluation

Jill has served on the LLI Council since 2013 and has been responsible for developing its policy manual and operations manual.  She serves on the Long Range Planning Committee, the Planning and Evaluation Committee, the Communications Committee, and chaired the Bylaws Committee that recently completed a revision of our bylaws. Jill also serves as LLI’s liaison to the Center for Civic Engagement (CCE), our umbrella program at Bard, and is a member of the CCE Advisory Board. 

Jill was Director of Admissions at Poughkeepsie Day School until her retirement in 2011. Certified in education and social work, she had a long career as an educator and administrator in educational and human service organizations.  She was Director of Mid-Hudson Family Mediation Center, was a clinician at Catskill Family Institute, and was Director of Community Education for Ulster County Mental Health Services.  She was a member of the Board of Education for the Red Hook Central School District, and ran an enrichment program for the Red Hook Schools. In the 1970’s she worked in the grants office at Bard College. 

Jill lives in Barrytown with her husband Doug Baz. They have three adult children and two grandchildren.


Ann Miller

Program Support

Ann Miller, a resident of Malden, NY, is retired from a 25-year career in interior landscape design for one of the largest companies in the industry. Her focus centered on offices, hospitals, retail, and residential housing. Ann managed sales and sales support, installation logistics, maintenance, and customer relations. Her efforts contributed to the company receiving a wide array of awards. She also was part of the team introducing clients to new environmentally sound practices such as sub irrigation and Green Walls.

Ann was one of the founding members of YCSD (Yonkers Committee for Smart Development), who successfully led the continued effort of daylighting the Saw Mill River in downtown Yonkers.

Ann enjoys gardening, Tai-Chi (she’s a certified instructor), hiking, and trying desperately to play the violin. Her current LLI volunteer efforts include Class Manager and member of the Class Support Committee.