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The Secret Life of the Hospitality Team

By Felice Gelman



1.  friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers…

When you roll up to LLI on a Friday morning, rubbing the sleep out of your eyes, or you walk out of your third-period class thinking of nothing but lunch,

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Contacting LLI


As an all-volunteer organization, it is sometimes difficult for LLI members to know who to contact when they have questions.

LLI uses group email addresses to handle questions (meaning, there is a dedicated team of volunteers here to help you). Listed below are some of the email addresses you may want to use.

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Members Had More to Say: Member Survey Part 2


The recent member survey yielded interesting and sometimes surprising comments, as shown in the discussion of campus life, getting to the classrooms, newsletters and emails, and the course catalog in last month’s newsletter. This issue summarizes the rest of the member comments about the curriculum, the registration process, our website,

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Welcome New Members


We are delighted to welcome you to membership in the Lifetime Learning Institute at Bard College. As Tom Esposito, LLI President, suggested in your acceptance letter, please take some time to visit our website,, where you can read our recent newsletters, view the LLI Annual Calendar and our Bard campus parking map,

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The Enjoyment of Watching and Listening

Join the AV Team

At a recent gathering of LLI Members learning about various needs and opportunities at Bard LLI, audiovisual chair Dave Jutton held up a bottle of white wine in one hand and a small laptop computer in the other.

“If you can tell the difference between these two,” he said with a smile,

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Results of the Annual Members Survey: What You Said

What You Said

Almost half of the Bard LLI membership (149 people) took the time to respond to the recent survey, often with specific comments about different aspects of their experience. This feedback will help guide LLI’s leadership as they work to improve our time together learning and socializing. To find out what some of your friends are thinking,

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2019 Annual Meeting


The Annual Meeting on May 17 offered attendees a delicious brunch, the chance to socialize with other LLI members, a discussion of LLI business, and a delightful program from the US-China Music Institute. There were questions and discussion about our budget, recognition of the many, many volunteers in attendance,

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New Committee Heads

Welcome New Committee Heads

We can welcome three LLI members to their new positions heading some important committees and serving on the LLI Council.

Ann Miller

In July, Ann Miller will bring her organizational skills to her new position as Chair of Program Support, in addition to her help on the Workflow and Class Support committees.

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Thank You For The Feedback

Summary of Course Evaluations

The Curriculum Committee appreciates all the ratings and comments that you gave for our Spring 2019 classes. Your experience was overwhelmingly positive with a combined evaluation for all classes of 9.4 And for all presenters of 9.4. Your comments are shared with the class presenters by the “producers,” the members of the Curriculum Committee who work with the presenters.

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The Curriculum Committee Wants to Know

What did you Think of Your Courses?

What did you think of your courses this semester?  Did the content and presentation meet your expectations? Would you recommend the course to others? Might you have changed part of it? The Curriculum Committee really wants to know. You rely on the committee to produce the quality courses you enjoy each semester.

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