Zoom Tips from Our LLI Members


In addition to our How to Zoom page, our brilliant and creative LLI members have taken to their computers and cooked up a ton of cool screenshot slideshows and tips to help you figure it all out.  Click on this link for an up-close look at all those little screen control options on your Zoom screen in 6 Ways to Enhance Your Zoom Experience.  This is a PDF document so you will find little plus and minus controls, probably in the lower right-hand corner of your screen to increase or decrease the size of the page for your best viewing.

One of our brand new LLI members just made a great new guide to Zoom with tips for PC and Mac users on one side and tips for iPad and tablet users on the other.

When you are in a Zoom class or meeting and the presenter is showing a slideshow or video to the class, how do you get the best viewing experience?  Look no further than Full Screen Zoom Sharing and remember to increase/decrease the size of the PDF on your screen to your preference.

Did you know that Zoom updates itself regularly and recently issued a major update containing lots of new security features?  If you have the Zoom app on your device, check out this little updating guide to make sure you have the latest and greatest!

Below are two great annotated screenshots showing Speaker View vs Gallery View for PC and Mac users.  Please note that the screen controls are in different places for iPad users as can be seen in these cool screenshots.


Here is another tip from an LLI member showing you how to keep your Zoom invitation emails organized so you can find them again when you need them.  Click here for the guide.

You can join a Zoom meeting without creating a Zoom account or installing the Zoom app but both of these things are very easy and quick to do and make Zoom life easier for you.  To avoid problems if joining meetings directly via email link (with or without a Zoom account or the Zoom app), it is best to make sure that your device operating system is always kept updated and that whatever browser you choose to use is updated as well.  Some LLI members have experienced problems trying to join sessions with old versions of Safari or Internet Explorer, for example.

Zoom itself offers a variety of beginner help guides, customized for each operating system.  Why is all of this needed?  Well, our LLI members join class sessions using almost everything:  Windows or Mac desktop computers, Windows, Chromebook or Mac laptops, iPads or Android tablets, or even iPhones or Android phones.  Some of these devices have screen layouts that look very different from other devices.  You can also join a Zoom session just by calling in on your phone if you need to.  (The only thing our members have not tried successfully to date is two tin cans and a string!)  So, find you device operating system help guide below. 

Windows and Mac Desktops:  Getting Started with Windows and Mac Desktops

Mac OS, permissions you may need to set:  Using Zoom with Mac OS

Getting Started with iOS (iPads and iPhones):  Getting Started with iOS     More tips for iPads here.

Android Tablets and Phones:  Getting Started with Android

Chromebooks:  Getting Started with Chrome OS

Master List of Beginner Help Guides:  Getting Started with Zoom

Zoom also offers a ton of troubleshooting guides based on questions asked by users.  Here are two:

My Video/Camera isn’t Working

My Audio is Not Working in iOS or Android

This page will be updated on a regular basis as we find more resources for you.  Bard LLI will also be offering more practice sessions for our members who would like to become more comfortable with Zoom over the summer and as we gear up for our Online Fall semester. Keep an eye out for future emails.