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You can contact us by email or phone through our LLI secretary.

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Contact us by email at

Contact us by phone at (845) 758-7314.

Our LLI secretary will forward your message to the appropriate person in LLI.

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Committee contacts

LLI has become a G Suite school and we are in the process of assigning members new email addresses with a “” domain name. There are also committee email addresses, as shown in the table below.

This table will be updated regularly as the GSuite roll out continues.

Note: you can use the search box to find specific rows which include your search term. Please try it!


Standing CommitteeTeamFirst NameLast NameLLI EmailCommittee Email
Council1st Vice
Council2nd Vice
CouncilMember at
CouncilMember at
CouncilMember at
CouncilMember at
Administration / InfrastructureAdministration /
Administration /
Administration /
Administration /
Administration /
Administration /
Administration /
Curricular and Special ProgramsCurricular and Special
Curricular and Special
Curricular and Special ProgramsArt
Curricular and Special ProgramsSpecial ProgramsOpen
GovernanceLiaison to
Membership DevelopmentMembership Development,
Membership DevelopmentMembership Development,
Membership DevelopmentMember
Membership DevelopmentMember
Membership DevelopmentSocial
Membership DevelopmentSocial Gatheringsunassignedunassigned
Membership DevelopmentVolunteer
Planning and EvaluationPlanning and
Program SupportProgram
HybridHybrid TeamChuck
Program SupportAVunassignedunassigned
Program SupportSession
Program SupportClass SupportOpen

Questions? We are here to help

You can contact our committees directly or contact the LLI secretary, who will forward your requests to the appropriate person(s).