Parking on Bard Campus

Please Respect Bard Parking Rules

We are guests on the Bard Campus. Parking spaces can be difficult to find during peak hours.

Parking Reminders

Bard Security parking regulations apply to all LLI vehicles parked on campus.  As a reminder:

  • Always display your Bard parking hangtag on your rearview mirror with the number facing out
  • To avoid possible towing, Bard Security must have your cell phone number so they can contact you if there is a problem with your vehicle when parked on campus. Contact Stacey Adams at [email protected] to update any cell phone or vehicle information
  • Membership is at full capacity and parking spaces can be severely limited.  Please consider ride-sharing with your partner or those who live close to you
  • LLI members may use the free Bard Shuttle. The schedule is posted on the Bard website.

Parking Lots for LLI

LLI parking is permitted in the following lots only:

  • Commuter/Visitor Lot near Olin Hall
  • Main Lot (downhill from RKC Science bldg.): Expect limited parking as this is the faculty/staff lot. Do not park in the two rows closest to Olin Hall or any reserved/restricted spaces
  • Parking in Henderson Circle is reserved for LLI members with NYS Disability Access tags
  • Library Road Lot (unpaved)
  • Admissions Lot on North Ravine Road (West of the Chapel)
  • Campus Center Lot (West of Bertelsmann Campus Center)
  • Water Plant Lot (Avery Blum and Bito overflow parking)
  • Any lots near the Fisher Center
Parking at Bard

disability access parking

  • LLI Members with NYS Disability Access tags may use any available space designated as Disability Access. To park closest to most classroom locations, look for spaces on Campus Road near Olin Hall, near the entrance to the Language Center, in the Commuter/Visitor Lot near Olin Hall (northwest section) and on the Main Lot (north and west sides)  
  • Parking in Henderson Circle is available to those members with NYS Disability Access tags
  • Always display both the Disability Access tag and the Bard vehicle hangtag when parking in Henderson Circle and all designated Disability Access spaces.

Please follow Parking Rules

There is limited parking and we share with Bard students, faculty, staff, and other guests on campus.