Quickstart Training Videos on Using ProClass

Searching for Courses

ProClass offers powerful search capabilities so you can find the courses of interest to you, by semester, by time period, by topic. Just make sure to click the Search button to see your filtered selections. The video is 2:55 minutes long.

Wish List

Using the Wish List

The ProClass Wish List allows you to highlight courses of interest, even before registration opens. This allows you to keep track of courses of interest to you. Once registration opens, you can register quickly from your wish list. The video is 2:51 minutes long.

Registering for Courses

Once registration opens, ProClass allows you to register for courses. You must be logged in with a current membership and ProClass checks for schedule conflicts during the checkout process (so you don’t register for more than one course in a time period). This 3.48-minute video shows you the steps.

New User Middle

Editing Your Account

You can change your own data (such as user name, phone, etc.), your volunteer preferences, and see your membership and course registrations, and even drop a course in My Account. This 4.27-minute video gives all the instructions.

Recovering Your Password

Except for “Search,” ProClass requires you to log in before you can access your personal data. If you forgot your user name and password, this video shows you how to find these credentials using your email address. This video is 3 minutes long.

Drop a Course

Learn how to drop a course through ProClass. Please do this if you no longer want to attend a course. It may provide an opening for someone on the waitlist and it helps us plan for future courses. This video is 1:16 minutes long.

Attendance Function

If you are designated an “Instructor” in ProClass (that is, a producer, presenter, session manager, class manager), you can use the Attendance function to:

  • See a roster of class members;
  • Send an email to class members;
  • Save a PDF version of the roster;
  • Take attendance for each class period. Note that for Zoom classes, LLI uses Zoom logs to take attendance.

This 5-minute video shows you how to use the Attendance Function from the front-end of ProClass.