Admissions Team

What We Do

The Admissions Team oversees the new member application process and identifies applicants who may have critical needs skills.

Key Tasks

  • Oversee the new member application form and process.
  • Establish the time frames for accepting new member applications.
  • Coordinate with Communications Team to edit the new member application. Communications then contacts the Website Team for publication.
  • Review new member applications to identify applicants with skills critical to LLI.
  • Work with the Member Services Team to host orientations for new and continuing members.

Required Coordination

Works with P&E to determine critical volunteer needs. Works with Member Services, Communications, Registration, and other teams as needed to manage the new member application process.​

Time Commitment / Duration

New member applications are accepted in June, which requires meetings during the spring semester and early summer to manage this process.

Special Skills

  • Forms development
  • Process development
  • Coordination and communication

Organize and manage the admission process

LLI typically has more applicants than open membership spaces. Help LLI identify applicants with critical skills while maintaining a fair lottery for admissions.