Fulfilling the Mission

LLI Mission

The best way to meet and socialize with other members is to volunteer to help your fellow LLI members. Email [email protected] to learn where you might contribute.

Bard LLI is organized into collaborative teams. We invite you to interact with the graphics below that illustrate how teams work together to fulfill LLI’s mission. We hope they inspire you to find your place at LLI.

LLI Mission

LLI provides educational and social opportunities for our members to share their love of learning and to exchange ideas and experiences. LLI offers non-credit and non-competitive courses and other events under the sponsorship of Bard College. LLI strives to be an inclusive organization and welcomes applicants and members from all backgrounds.


Planning & Evaluation and Council set the direction for continuity and new LLI initiatives. Click a box for a short description. Click again for full details. (note: this area is under development)

Committees and Teams

Continuity and implementation of programs and new initiatives
Anne Sunners

Core Processes

At its core, Bard LLI develops, produces, and delivers programs to its members. The graphic below shows how this happens among our teams. Click a box for a short description. Click again for full details.

Tom Esposito and Deborah Lanser

Support and Services

The teams below support the core process and provide services to members. Click a box for a short description. Click again for full details. (This area is under development)


Reviews LLI bylaws at least every five years or as needed and solicts vote on changes from membership


Develops annual budget, recommends membership fees, and allocates funds to Bard

Nominations & Election

Solicits nominees to fill open Council positions, recommends slate of candidates, conducts election

Liason to CCE

Coordinates information with the Center for Civic Engagement (CCE)

Member Services

Manages new member welcome, orientation, and new member survey; works with Bard on parking and security

Mentor Program

Manages mentor program for new members to familiarize themselves with LLI programs and processes

Volunteer Coordination

Matches members interests and skills with LLI volunteer needs

Social Gatherings

Designs, organizes, and presents a variety of fun, social activities to encourage member social interactions

DEI/Social Justice

Promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion in LLI programs and membership
Dean Levine