Expectations + Orientation

What members do

LLI is a member run organization with no paid staff. Without member help, there would be no LLI. We hope you can help.

Member expectations

We encourage all members to make a commitment to the LLI community – both in the classroom and on the committees that create and manage all LLI courses and programs. Please take advantage of the opportunity to participate fully in this extraordinary membership organization.

LLI communicates to its members online through the LLI web site and by email.  As agreed to on the membership application, all members need:

  • An email address
  • Access to the Internet
  • Ability to pay membership fees electronically with a credit or bank card.

If needed, individual training is available to help members use these tools.

  • LLI monthly newsletters
  • Information about key dates, important member updates and evites to special programs
  • Member surveys
  • Course evaluation requests
  • Annual election ballot.

Mentor Program

We want all new members to feel welcome and to be informed. Our mentor program is designed to do just that! Upon acceptance, each new member is contacted by a current LLI member who serves as an experienced guide through the first semester at LLI. Mentors explain on-campus logistics, answer basic questions about LLI  programs, and introduce other members.

Bard Student ID

LLI Members may obtain a Bard Student ID card.  Your Bard photo ID:

  • Entitles you to discounts at some Bard events
  • Allows you to use the Bard library, the Stevenson Library (see below)
  • Can be used for student discounts with some outside organizations, where accepted. 
  • Please note that our LLI Bard IDs do not include access to Stevenson Gym or Pool.  Memberships to these facilities may be purchased if desired.

The Bard Student ID card is available at the ID Department in the Buildings & Grounds building, which is located down the hill from the RKC science building at the southern end of the Main Lot. Use the center door under the long porch and go to window #128. This is a photo ID card with no expiration date. An ID Department staff member will take your picture.

Please note: LLI members are considered guests on the Bard campus and have limited access to Bard facilities. For example, LLI members do not have free use of the Stevenson Athletic Center, although memberships may be purchased. 

LLI members do receive a 20% general discount and pay no fees when purchasing tickets at The Richard B. Fisher Center for the Performing Arts. To secure this discount, remember to mention LLI membership when ordering tickets. LLI is considered part of the Bard community and members also benefit from Bard community pricing, when offered.

Stevenson Library

Bard’s Stevenson Library is available to all LLI members.  Members can register with their Bard student ID card at the Reference Desk on the main floor of the Stevenson Library. A brochure listing Stevenson’s hours and information is here.

Note that you will need to renew your registration for each academic year.  Please make use of this fabulous resource!

Campus Parking

Parking spots at Bard can be limited when LLI members are on campus.  Click this link to see the parking lots most used by LLI members and print out a map at Membership>Current Members>Parking at BardNote: please follow all Bard signage, do not park in restricted spaces,  and keep fire lanes and entry roads open. Offenders may be subject to vehicular towing.
LLI members and 7-week presenters must register their vehicles with Bard security.  If you have not yet done so, register your car here. Note:  LLI members and presenters DO NOT pay the $200 fee.  Pick up hangtags for registered vehicles at the Office of Safety and Security, near Olin Hall. Always display the Bard vehicle hangtag on your rear view mirror when parked on campus.
If you have a new cell phone number or your vehicle has changed since you originally registered with Bard Security, please contact Stacey Adams at [email protected] to update your information. Limited parking spaces for those with NYS Disability Access tags are located outside of Olin Hall and the Language Center, in the Commuter/Visitor Lot and the Main Lot near Olin Hall, and outside of the Bertelsmann Campus Center. Bard Security has also allocated Henderson Circle, near the RKC science building as additional parking for those with Disability Access tags.

Class Locations

At the start of each semester, a list of class locations is posted:

  • By the elevators in Olin Hall
  • Outside the Hospitality Room(s) – Olin 301 and 302
  • Outside some classrooms
  • Classroom assignments for all LLI courses are also published on the homepage of our website.

Classroom Rules

We are guests at Bard, and all LLI members and presenters are asked to follow Bard and LLI guidelines, including the following:

  • Wear your LLI nametag to classes and events to help class managers take attendance
  • No food or drinks, other than water, are allowed in classrooms 
  • Please do not record any sessions or class material without prior permission from the presenter. This includes audio, video, and slides.

Class managers

Each course has at least one class manager. These LLI members:

  • Support the presenters
  • Record attendance
  • Distribute handout materials
  • Make LLI announcements before classes
  • Communicate with class members by email or phone.

Food on campus

  • LLI Hospitality Rooms are managed by the LLI Hospitality Committee during the fall and spring semesters. Coffee, tea, and snacks are available from 8:00 AM until 3:00 PM on Fridays. The two hospitality rooms – Olin 301 and 302 – have seating to help members socialize, eat a brown bag lunch, or snack between classes.
  • Kline Commons is the Bard dining hall located near Olin Hall. It provides all-you-can eat, tasty, nutritious, and often locally-sourced food for a fixed price. See the Kline menu here. Note: Kline is usually open, but has shortened hours during school vacations.
  • Down-the-Road Cafe, in the Bertelsmann Campus Center, offers beverages, light snacks and delicious, freshly-made sushi, grill food, and sandwiches. It is usually always open.
  • Bard Bookstore, also in the Bertelsmann Campus Center, near Weis Cinema, sells a large selection of protein bars, candy, and chilled beverages.

Snow and Weather Cancellations

In the event of bad weather, LLI follows the decisions made by the Red Hook Central Schools District. When the District cancels classes, LLI will also cancel its classes. When the District delays the start of classes by two hours, LLI first-period classes will be cancelled; the second period will start, as usual, at 10:10 a.m.

For Intersession, morning and afternoon are both cancelled when the schools are closed, but begin at the usual 11:00 a.m. time when classes are delayed.

Members can check the Red Hook School District website redhookcentralschools.org or cancellations.com or call 845 758-2241 for information. 


Members manage LLI

LLI members are guests at Bard College. We are responsible for following the rules regarding parking, classroom use, and respecting all persons. In return, LLI members are warmly welcomed and encouraged to explore and enjoy the many benefits of this exciting learning environment and its beautiful campus.

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