Elections Subcommittee

What We Do

This committee prepares and issues emails to the membership to request nominations for each vacancy, prepares the electronic ballot, conducts the election and prepares a report on results.

Key Tasks

  • Solicit biographies and photos of candidates running for election.
  • Distribute, collate and report electronic ballots for elections for which LLI Council has requested e-voting process
  • Use third party tools design an electronic ballot.
  • Distribute ballot to LLI members.
  • Prepare the election report to the Council and membership.

Required Coordination

The Elections Subcommittee coordinates with the Nominating Committee, Planning and Evaluation, the LLI Council, and LLI members.

Time Commitment / Duration

  • E-voting is scheduled during March prior to the Annual Meeting in May.  Results of the voting are reported to Council at the April Council meeting
  • Several committee meetings in the winter and spring to issue the call for nominations and receive results.
  • Up to eight hours in January through March to collect material for and prepare the electronic ballot.
  • A few hours in April to prepare a report on results.

Special Skills

It is helpful to know Survey Monkey or some other tool that collects anonymous submissions and allows only one election ballot submission per member. 

Oversee LLI elections

LLI implements a fair and accurate nominating and voting process.