How to Zoom Online Meetings


Before a Zoom meeting such as Bard LLI’s 2020 Annual Meeting, a Zoom training session or one of our SummerFest or Fall classes, you will receive an invitation or registration email which includes a link to that Zoom meeting.  Here is a one-minute video explaining how to join a Zoom meeting.

We found out, during a recent Zoom outage, that our folks who had installed the Zoom desktop app could still join our scheduled meeting.  Here is a page showing how to download the app for your device and operating system.  If you forget how to start and use the desktop app, this page will remind you of all you need.

Once you get the basics under your belt, move on to a longer Zoom training video (almost 2 minutes!) that explains some of the controls and functions you will see as you enter a meeting.  Basic controls on the Zoom screen are explained.

Here is a quick guide on how not to lose all those Zoom join meeting emails.  Also, keep in mind that you can join by phone if you want to or need to.  The phone numbers are listed in the invitation email.


Once you get familiar with the basics of how to enter and leave Zoom meetings, let’s look at some of the ways you can use your screen controls and options to make the meeting the best it can be for you, and have some fun too!

This next video is 10 minutes long so take a breath or two, get a cup of tea or whatever and dive right in.

Our LLI members have also made a great bunch of Zoom help slideshows which you can find hereAlso, one of our brand new LLI members has just made this great new guide for whatever device you are using.

As you learn about all the screen contols and view options in Zoom meetings, take a look at  the screenshots (on the left) of a recent meeting in the Bard LLI.  (These screen controls are shown for PC and Mac users.  iPad users take a look at these cool screenshots.)  Click on each of the screenshots to see it full-sized.

What about Webinars?  You may receive an email invitation to a Webinar like the LLI 2020 Annual Meeting.  So, how do you join that?  Answer:  just the same!  The only differences you will notice in a Webinar are that your audio and video will probably be muted the whole time, you will only see the Presenters and any slides or videos they wish to share with you and you may only be able to ask questions by typing your question into the Q&A window (button at the bottom of your screen) where it will be collected by the Webinar moderator.  That’s it!

Bard LLI will be offering a variety of introductory practice sessions for our members who would like to become more comfortable with Zoom before the SummerFest classes or our Online Fall semester.  First, make sure you have watched the videos included on this page.  Then email [email protected] if you would like to sign up for one of these practice sessions.


Once you get a taste for Zoom and decide you like it, you may want to learn more and Zoom has you covered.  You will find an array of weekly training videos here; click on the bold heading link to learn more about each training topic, to register for that training session or to view the training video if attending live trainings is not convenient for you.

Zoom’s introductory 38-minute video is here.  This video is especially great since it has a full printed transcript running along the right-hand side so you can easily review anything that did not sink in the first time.

Do you fret about how you look in Zoom meetings?  Feel as if you just rolled out of bed or always seem to be showing your ceiling and not your face?  Check out this great little video that shows you how to find the best lighting for Zoom videos in your house and how to change camera angles for the best view of you!