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Join the LLI Walking Group!
If you like to walk, socialize, and explore new sites, the Walking Special Interest Group at Bard LLI is for you. The Walking Group meets every THURSDAY at 10:30 a.m., weather permitting.   Most walks are about 90 minutes and all LLI members are welcome!  Upcoming locations are below:

November 16 Thursday @ 10:30  – Walkway over the Hudson

November 23 – no walk, enjoy your holiday!

November 30 Thursday @ 10:30– Val Kill Farm Lane Trail

Come join the gang for fun, exercise, and conversation!!

COVID Vaccination Policy:
LLI’s policy regarding COVID-19 is aligned with Bard’s. The requirement that all members, presenters, and guests be fully vaccinated and boosted remains in place.  Our plan is to continue with the “mask- friendly” policy that Bard follows as well. Anyone who wants to wear a mask on campus is welcome to do so, and presenters can set a mask policy in their own classrooms. It is important for members to remember to carry a mask with you in case you need one.

Moreover, out of consideration of others, we ask that no one attend class or any other LLI event if you are feeling unwell, including dealing with a persistent cough or the sniffles or other easily communicable virus.

Members will not be able to register on ProClass for any in-person class or event until they have presented proof of vaccination, including at least one booster. Vaccinations are not required for classes presented on Zoom only or for the Zoom section of hybrid courses.

If you have not already done so, please email your proof of vaccination, including at least one booster, to [email protected]. You may email a photo or screenshot of either your CDC COVID-19 vaccination card or digital NYS Excelsior Pass. Members are reminded to wear their lanyard at all times while on Bard’s campus or at an LLI event off campus.  

Looking Ahead:
LLI is always looking for volunteers to serve as Session Managers for our Thursday virtual classes and Class Managers for our Friday in-person classes.  Click here to learn about being a Session Manager.  We provide training and guarantee you will love the new friends you gain and the new skills you learn.  Information on all current volunteer opportunities at LLI is here.

Help! How do I join a Zoom meeting? 
Click here for basic instructions on attending Zoom meetings.  And here is a brand new guide from a brand new LLI member with Zoom 101 tips for PC, Mac, iPad and tablet users.  Tired of the world looking at your forehead or your ceiling?  Here is a great guide to finding the best lighting and camera angles for Zoom meetings.  And a new page of Zoom tips from LLI members!

Need tech help as an LLI member? Email [email protected] for help (including getting LLI.bard.edu email addresses). DO NOT contact the Bard help desk, which is only for Bard students and faculty.

News + Notes

Welcome, New Members

by Susan Phillips

By now, all 39 of you lucky new Bard LLI lottery–winning members have probably survived your first semester of in-person and/or Zoom LLI classes and are happily settled in. All of you should have been contacted by an experienced LLI mentor who would welcome contact from you about any questions you have.

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Behind the Scenes at the Newsletter

by Felice Gelman

You probably don’t think at all about how this newsletter goes from some ideas scrawled on a notepad to the professionally laid out and illustrated email you receive every month. This article will just let you in on the production end—that is,

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A Glimpse of Indigenous Culture

by Deborah Lanser

The Indigenous Peoples’ luncheon on October 9 afforded 75 LLI members a glimpse of indigenous culture through the eyes of Tatiana Blackhorse, a Bard sophomore and member of the Navajo nation. Although she is half Hungarian,

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Dispatches From an LLI Rookie

by Alan Katz

Bard LLI first-year members. We are easy to spot. We are the ones looking confused and lost on campus, overwrought from having scheduled nine classes, muttering under our breath about ProClass, and inevitably asking,

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Two Passions of Tom Walker

by Deborah Lanser

To take a history course with popular LLI presenter Tom Walker is to gain a broad perspective on past and current events across the world. Studying history is important, he believes, because it teaches us that the questions may be more important than the answers.

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The Perks of Bard LLI Membership

by Susan Phillips

The obvious advantages of being a Bard LLI member include participating in, and learning from, a rich variety of courses, plus establishing new friendships. Members of Bard LLI are considered part of the Bard College community and have numerous other advantages that some may not be aware of.

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Historic Trees at Blithewood

by Gretchen Lytle

Fall on Bard’s expansive campus is a season of pivotal change for plants. Their metabolisms slow down as they prepare for winter when days are shorter and colder. Since Bard’s arboretum is diverse and spread out,

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Welcoming New Members

by Deborah Lanser

The September 7th orientation was ostensibly a chance to introduce new members to the ins and outs of Bard LLI, but it was also a chance for them to mingle with returning members during the coffee hour before the program.

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Upcoming Events

Our current 2023 calendar is now available here. You can also find it from the top navigation bar under News + Events and then select Annual Calendar on the left side of the wide, dropdown menu.

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In case of emergency on campus

Should there be a serious emergency – medical, fire, etc. – call TWO numbers in the order below.

First call: 9-1-1

For Dutchess County Emergency Services. It is available 24/7.

Second call: (845) 758-7777 or from emergency call boxes: 7777

For Bard College Emergency Medical Services (a trained campus emergency response team).

Bard EMS is always to be called second. While the service provides the fastest response, it follows the college academic schedule and is therefore not always available.

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