Proof of Vaccination Required to be in Campus Buildings
Bard requires proof of Covid-19 vaccination status to go inside campus buildings. Bring your Covid-19 vaccination card or the digital NYS Excelsior pass to your first event or class on campus. You will then receive a sticker to affix to your name tag, which you must bring with you to every future LLI class or event you attend on campus.

Bard currently requires all visitors to campus, including LLI members, to be fully vaccinated and to wear masks while inside any Bard building.

Now at Bard LLI

Looking Ahead: LLI is always looking for volunteers to serve as Session Managers for our full slate of virtual classes.  Click here to learn about being a Session Manager.  We provide training and guarantee you will love the new friends you gain and the new skills you learn.  Information on all current volunteer opportunities at LLI is here.

Excelsior Pass

Proof of Vaccination Needed to be in On-Campus Buildings

To attend LLI classes or events in person, either on or off-campus, you MUST present proof of complete vaccination, either a CDC-COVID-19 vaccination card or the digital New York State Excelsior Pass. This is in accordance with Bard’s requirement of LLI.

Bard currently requires all visitors to campus, including LLI members, to be fully vaccinated and to wear masks while inside any Bard building.

At the first in-person event or class you attend, your documentation will be checked and you will be given a sticker indicating vaccination compliance to affix to your LLI nametag and placed in the plastic sleeve on your lanyard.

New members (classes of 2020 and 2021) will be given plastic sleeves and lanyards. Returning members should bring their plastic sleeves and lanyards to their first in-person class or event.

All members will be required to show these at ALL in-person classes and events.

For more information, see the Bard College COVID-19 page.  The page is updated frequently and includes the most recent information available. Bard has issued notice that the campus is closed to any person who does not live, work, or study at Bard, until further notice. 

Bard currently requires all visitors to campus, including LLI members, to be fully vaccinated and to wear masks while inside any Bard building.

Help! How do I join a Zoom meeting? 
Click here for basic instructions on attending Zoom meetings.  And here is a brand new guide from a brand new LLI member with Zoom 101 tips for PC, Mac, iPad and tablet users.
Tired of the world looking at your forehead or your ceiling?  Here is a great guide to finding the best lighting and camera angles for Zoom meetings.  And a new page of Zoom tips from LLI members!

Need tech help as an LLI member? Email techhelp@lli.bard.edu for help (including getting LLI.bard.edu email addresses). DO NOT contact the Bard help desk, which is only for Bard students and faculty.

News + Notes

Bocce Ball Unites Bard LLI Participants


One of the benefits of taking an off-campus course is the opportunity to get to know people outside of a classroom, usually while hiking, visiting a horse farm, or taking a stroll around Olana—often with a picnic lunch after.

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Together at Last!

A Beautiful Day for a Tour

Fifty LLIers gathered on a beautiful day outside the Hessel Museum, taking advantage of the unusual opportunity to chat and catch up in person. We were divided into two groups, one led by first-year graduate student Kyle Herrington and second-year graduate student Eduardo Alfonson,

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LLI Past, Present and Future


Imagine a Maine schooner cruise vacation. Brisk, fresh sea air filling majestic canvas sails. Helping trim the sails, grabbing the wheel, and steering the yacht on course, carefully staying clear of rocks. It’s so exciting the next year you invite a friend to join you.

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Orientation 2021

In-person orientation for 2020 and 2021 new members was held on campus on September 8th. Irene Esposito, hospitality chair, hosted the new members with coffee, tea and pastries, enjoyed by all. Following the orientation, several new members toured the campus. 

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Tech Corner: LLI Contacts for Help and Information 2021


Welcome back to Bard LLI and the fall semester! We are looking forward to meeting, learning, and working together with new and renewed members. LLI is a rich and rewarding adventure. We want to ensure that it is a positive experience for you—even when you are figuring out who best to contact to resolve a particular issue or get certain information.

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Thank You’s from BHSEC Recipients


For years, LLI has provided financial help for students in the Bard High School Early College (BHSEC) in Manhattan for expenses incurred during summer internships. Recipients of this year’s $665 grant included Jacob Little, who worked as a counselor-in-training at Mass Audubon’s Wildwood Overnight Camp,

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LLI Receives Award from the Bard College CCE


As Nanci mentioned in her president’s letter, LLI received the New Generations Award by Bard College Center for Civic Engagement on September 24, at a beautiful celebration recognizing CCE’s 10th anniversary. It was a spectacular late afternoon under a tent behind Blithewood,

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Linda LeGendre: New Head of Curriculum


One of the most tempting reasons for Linda Legendre to move from Massachusetts to the Red Hook area eight years ago, besides being closer to her five grandchildren and their parents, was the enticement of the excellent reputation of Bard’s Lifelong Learning program.

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Upcoming Events

Start 2021End 2021Events
July 1New Council starts
July 1Notify new applicants of admittance
July 1July 10New members payments
July 7Newsletter published
July 8July 8Social Event with Lauren Rose
July 13Curriculum Committee Meeting
July 19Council Meeting
August 7Newsletter published
August 10Curriculum Committee Meeting
August 26Fall catalog available (website and ProClass)
August 16Council Meeting
August 18Campus tours for new members
August 25Campus tours for new members
September 2Registration for Fall classes
September 8On-campus orientation for new members
September 7Newsletter published
September 10Zoom orientation for new members
September 14Curriculum Committee Meeting
September 20Council Meeting
September 16October 29Fall semester starts
September 24Last day to add a course
October 7Newsletter published
October 12Curriculum Meeting
October 18Council Meeting
October 29Last day of fall semester
November 7Newsletter published
November 9Curriculum meeting open house
November 15Council Meeting
December 7Newsletter published
December 16WinterFest catalog released
No December Curriculum Meeting
December 20Council Meeting

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In case of emergency on campus

Should there be a serious emergency – medical, fire, etc. – call TWO numbers in the order below.

First call: 9-1-1

For Dutchess County Emergency Services. It is available 24/7.

Second call: (845) 758-7777 or from emergency call boxes: 7777

For Bard College Emergency Medical Services (a trained campus emergency response team).

Bard EMS is always to be called second. While the service provides the fastest response, it follows the college academic schedule and is therefore not always available.

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