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Join the Elite Corps of Session Managers



Since June of 2020, LLI has been blessed with a corps of volunteers who make the Zoom classes work. These LLIers, who are session managers, support our presenters by admitting members to classes, spotlighting speakers, reading the Chat,

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Hybrid Makes History


As the veil of life under the pandemic begins to lift, Bard LLI faces a sea change not unlike when COVID-19 first tore apart our lives. We remember, thankfully, how a team of dedicated members assembled immediately after the campus closed.

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The Historic Beauty of Montgomery Place


The Bard Arboretum encompases the entire campus, including the beautiful Montgomery Place estate. The original campus grounds are open to visitors, but Montgomery Place is the site of much of Bard’s SummerScape program and thus is open to visitors only on Mondays to allow for rehearsals.

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Member Thoughts on DEI


The Who, Us? Class of 2020 recently proposed an initiative concerning diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) measures for the Bard LLI Council to consider. Their ideas were reflected in questions included in the 2021 annual survey assessing member interest in ways that Bard LLI can address social issues in our community.

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20th Annual Meeting

LLI’s 20th annual meeting was held on May 14, with 74 members attending on Zoom. After an entertaining poll, in which 100% of the participants admitted they had lost count of how many times this year they had said, “You’re muted,” our president,

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Evaluations from a Producer’s Perspective

From a numerical perspective, the results from the latest course evaluations are excellent: the average rating for course content was 9.31 and for presenters was 9.28, with 10 being the top possible score. The Curriculum Team can take pride in those impressive numbers.

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Granting Access to Artists

Bard LLI donates $2,500 each year to the Fund for Visual Learning.

When Ellen Driscoll, Program Director of Studio Arts, came to Bard in 2013, she spent her first year on the job listening. To her dismay,

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Upcoming Events

Start DateEnd DateEvent
TBDRecruit mentors for 2021-2022 new members
7-MayNewsletter published
11-MayCurriculum Committee Meeting
14-MayAnnual business meeting, on Zoom; budget presented and election results announced
14-MaySummerFest catalog available
17-MayAnnual survey sent to members
21-MaySummerFest registration opens
1-Jun21-JunMember renewal and electronic payment
1-Jun21-JunNew member applications accepted
4-Jun25-JunSummerFest 2021 - Four Fridays in June 4, 11, 18, 25
7-JunNewsletter published
11-JunLast day to register for SummerFest Class
15-JunCurriculum Committee Meeting
21-JunCouncil Meeting
30-JunEnd of academic year
Start 2021End 2021Events
July 1New Council starts
July 1Notify new applicants of admittance
July 1July 10New members payments
July 7Newsletter published
July 8July 8Social Event with Lauren Rose
July 13Curriculum Committee Meeting
July 19Council Meeting
August 7Newsletter published
August 10Curriculum Committee Meeting
August 26Fall catalog available (website and ProClass)
Zoom new member small groups orientation
August 16Council Meeting
September 1September 15New member orientation
September 2Registration for Fall classes
September 7Newsletter published
September 14Curriculum Committee Meeting
September 20Council Meeting
September 16October 29Fall semester starts
September 24Last day to add a course
October 7Newsletter published
October 12Curriculum Meeting
October 18Council Meeting
October 29Last day of fall semester
November 7Newsletter published
November 9Curriculum meeting open house
November 15Council Meeting
December 7Newsletter published
December 16WinterFest catalog released
No December Curriculum Meeting
December 20Council Meeting

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Second call: (845) 758-7777 or from emergency call boxes: 7777

For Bard College Emergency Medical Services (a trained campus emergency response team).

Bard EMS is always to be called second. While the service provides the fastest response, it follows the college academic schedule and is therefore not always available.

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