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Meet Lou Trapani


Lou Trapani has been teaching at LLI for 15 years. His classes on dramatic literature and history of the theater are among the most popular ever presented –many of us have taken every single one.

He became interested in the theater world as a child growing up in Brooklyn at the time when New York television presented live drama.

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Thank a Participating Member


How were your classes this fall? Most people gave high ratings to our program. And that is thanks to our many participating members.

As we prepare for Intersession and then for Spring, think about joining in. Look how many of us helped make it happen this fall!

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Top 5 Reasons to be a Class Manager

It’s Fun

Class managers usually work in pairs and have very well-defined responsibilities.  Barbara Schoenberg, a veteran class manager says, “The most fun is getting to work with another person and getting to know them.”

“People are kind of afraid of it,” Maddy Watterson says. But once they do it,

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Producers and Presenters Celebrate Success


On the evening of November 15th, Bard LLI honored its producers and presenters plus guests, at a tribute reception at Blithewood mansion, the 19th century landmark on the Hudson that now houses the Levy Economics Institute. As Curriculum Chair Anne Sunners explained, “We’re here to honor the producers and presenters who make LLI so satisfying and so successful.”

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The Secret Life of the Hospitality Team

By Felice Gelman



1.  friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers…

When you roll up to LLI on a Friday morning, rubbing the sleep out of your eyes, or you walk out of your third-period class thinking of nothing but lunch,

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A Dean Goes Fishing

By Chuck Mishaan


You can find Charlevoix on the map by imagining the tip of the fourth finger on the mitt that shapes the state of Michigan. The village of Charlevoix, a summer escape for Chicagoans and other midwesterners, opens onto Lake Michigan, and that’s where we are going.

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Meet Nanci Kryzak


If you are new to LLI, you may have had the pleasure of meeting Nanci Kryzak on one of the summer campus tours. As co-chair of the Member Services Subcommittee, she oversees LLI parking on campus and prepares for the orientation of new members to LLI and their introduction to the many opportunities to explore the wider Bard community.

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The Enjoyment of Watching and Listening

Join the AV Team

At a recent gathering of LLI Members learning about various needs and opportunities at Bard LLI, audiovisual chair Dave Jutton held up a bottle of white wine in one hand and a small laptop computer in the other.

“If you can tell the difference between these two,” he said with a smile,

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Thank You, Participating Members!

Thank a participating member

Did you enjoy your classes in the spring and in SummerFest? You can say thank you to the many, many members who make LLI work. As we plan for our Fall semester, please join our wonderful participating members in contributing to LLI.

Just take a look at how many of us were involved!

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Celebrating LLI’s Presenters and Producers

Fifty-eight LLI Presenters, Producers, and Council members braved a dark, chilly night with some snow on the ground to join together for a warm and celebratory event at Blithewood, the beautiful mansion that is the home of the Levy Economics Institute at Bard. In the mansion’s spacious hall and an adjoining room,

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