Volunteer Help Needed

Volunteer Needs

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No one gets paid for all the great programs at Bard LLI. Half of our members volunteer,  contributing time and talents to keep LLI running.

It is fun, you get to meet new people, and, as lifetime learners, you can learn new skills. This is an opportunity to use the skills you worked so hard to gain in your career: coordinating, managing, technical, writing, people, etc. You might even learn some new skills along the way!

Please review the specific needs listed below. When you submit your name to volunteer, one of our committee chairs will contact you with more information.

For general question, email [email protected].

Members working


Tech: LLI Newsletter Support

When: 2021-2022 Membership Year Open Volunteer Spots: 2

Are you both a word person and a techie? Join our Communications Team. Wake up your old tech skills
(MailChimp, WordPress), or develop new ones, in service of our LLI Newsletter.


  • You may attend meetings of the Communications Team to watch each newsletter come to life.

Zoom Session Managers for WinterFest & Spring 2022

When: January, 2022 Open Volunteer Spots: Unlimited

Learn how to conduct an online class. You do not need experience in ZOOM, as we
will train you, but a willingness and desire to learn new technology is required.

TIME COMMITMENT:  Varies: two hours or more per week during the semester
plus pre-semester preparation time.

Tech: Volunteer Coordinator Support

When: Schedule based on times you and the volunteer coordinator can meet. Open Volunteer Spots: 1

The Basics

The LLI Volunteer Coordinator uses many tech tools to recruit and manage volunteers, such as:

  • ProClass for identifying volunteer candidates among the membership;
  • Email blasts (with MailChimp) to publicize different LLI volunteer needs;

Membership Development Committee

When: 2021-2022 Membership Year Open Volunteer Spots: Unlimited

Promote LLI as a member-managed organization. This lively team keeps many balls in the air
successfully: New Member Services, Volunteer Coordination, Leadership Development, Social


  • The core committee meets for about an hour each month via Zoom.

LLI Calendar Administrator

When: 2021-2022 Membership Year Open Volunteer Spots: Unlimited

Want to learn more about how LLI works? There is a need for an LLI calendar administrator to contact committee chairs and keep future calendars updated. You can see an example of the current calendar on the bottom of the LLI home page.

Tech: Payment Data Entry

When: June - July 2022 Open Volunteer Spots: 1

Process payment information for new and renewing members. Update LLI’s membership roster for the coming year based on payments. 

You will be trained in ProClass, LLI’s registration software. 

This is a time-limited,

Mentors for New LLI Members

When: July 2022 Open Volunteer Spots: Unlimited

Continue LLI’s unique welcoming tradition by taking one or two new members informally under your wing.


● About two summer hours; informal contact thereafter.


● Contact your new mentees by phone or email in late July.

Special Programs Team

When: Fall 2020 Open Volunteer Spots: 1

Choreograph one-time educational programs for the Winter Intersession, Annual Meeting, and Fall Luncheon. Help
coordinate the annual Art Show.


● An estimated two to three hours a month to identify and invite speakers for the Annual Meeting and Fall
Luncheon programs.

Tech: Email Blast Coordinator

Open Volunteer Spots: 1

The Basics

LLI sends out periodic email messages to our mailing list using MailChimp. This requires coordination with the responsible committee (for example, the Curriculum Committee oversees catalog releases, Membership Development oversees messages to new members). We try to be proactive in these messages so no one is scrambling at midnight the day before an email blast goes out!

Tech: Newsletter Articles

Open Volunteer Spots: Unlimited

The Basics

The monthly LLI newsletter includes a short article about using the technology at LLI and/or Bard. Topics are usually inspired by questions from LLI members. Our members are looking for simple articles that help with using our technology tools.