Support and Services

About the Website

The LLI website is the public source of information about Bard LLI. If you want to find out more, the website is the first place to go for:

  • The latest news;
  • Details about membership (dates, how to join LLI, members’ resources);
  • How to register for courses;
  • Archival documents such as past emails catalogs, and newsletters;
  • Email addresses of key volunteers;
  • Key dates on the annual calendar;
  • How to have a rich relationship with the LLI community

The website is the place to start!

It takes constant care and revisions to keep the website current. This is both a technical task (as in, how are websites designed and edited) and a functional task (as in what needs to be updated).

As such, the volunteers on the website team play a key role in informing members about what is happening at LLI.

To learn more about this team, contact [email protected].

Website Tasks

What do we do?


The chair oversees all the work on the website. This involves getting information from the various LLI teams and deciding how best to present it on our site. 

Sometimes, new information results in updating existing website pages. For example, the home page slider shows the most current things that members need to know (key dates, pandemic information, new events). In other cases, entirely new pages are designed and developed to publicize our LLI messages.

Catalog production


Website developers do the actual technical work to implement LLI messages.

The LLI website is hosted by Bard College and follows the standards set by the college (such as colors and formatting). Web services at Bard make sure the LLI site has the latest software (such as WordPress, Elementor, and different plug-ins that increase the functionality of our website).

If you have ever wondered how a website works, this is a great place to learn. Today’s software tools make things so much easier! For example, no longer do you have to manually edit HTML and CSS: a whole different learning experience. By using page development software, Elementor, our website is modified in a What You See is What You Get (WYSIWYG) method.

That is not to say there isn’t some learning involved. While Elementor makes things much easier than earlier versions of the site, the developer team often confers on how best to solve quirky problems. That is actually the fun part: working with a committed team that creates high-quality outputs.

Plus, the skills you can learn at LLI can be easily used at other organizations. Do you have a book club you want to support? Website development skills are in high demand and will turn you into a hero.

Content Coordinator

Our LLI website is always changing as our organization changes. Content coordinators are responsible for telling the website developer what should be updated on the website so the information is accurate.

Some things that are changing include:

  • Home page messages;
  • Annual calendar;
  • Officers and team chairs with their corresponding email addresses;
  • Archives: email messages, newsletters, courses;
  • Gifts to Bard;
  • Open volunteer positions;
  • LLI teams and organization structure.

If you have an eye for detail and want to help members have access to accurate information, consider being a website content coordinator.

Publish current LLI information

The website is the main repository of all information for LLI. We aim to be accurate and complete while making it easy for our members to find what they need.