ProClass Quick Start Guide – Simple

ProClass Quick Start User Guide

All current LLI members have been imported to the ProClass database with a random user name. Use this Quick Start Guide for getting into your account and updating your own information including your user name and password.

Login Steps

All current LLI members have been imported into ProClass with a random username (such as 8nMYcksp). Who can remember that?

Use the steps to the right in order to update your username to something you can remember (such as your first initial + your last name) and pick a strong password. It should take you less than five minutes.

Need more help?

  1. See the detailed LLI Member Guide to ProClass OR
  2. Contact the LLI ProClass Tech Support Team at
Step 1. Login to ProClass
Step 2. Click password reset link
Step 3. Enter your email address
Step 4. Check your email messages and click link
Step 5. Note your current username and enter new password
Step 6. Login with username from step 5
Step 7a. Click gear icon
Step 7b. Click My Account button
Step 7c. Update your information, including username
Step 7d. Update required fields and click save
Step 8. Explore your tabs