Catalog Subcommittee

What We Do

The Catalog Subcommittee ensures the production of the fall, spring, WinterFest, and SummerFest catalogs. Course producers, using a standard form, provide course descriptions and additional information, which is edited and formatted for the catalogs.

Key Tasks

  • Assemble, edit, and fact-check the material received from the Curriculum content chairs and multiple producers;
  • Format the course catalogs.
  • Maintain a shared file of all course forms to share with AV/Tech and Class Support. 
  • Send catalogs to CopyCat and Bard Central Services for printing. Proof the first run at Central Services.
  • Determine the number of catalogs to be printed for each session.
  • Work with the Curriculum Chair to write an announcement letter to membership to announce availability.
  • Send the catalog to the Website Subcommittee for uploading to the Bard LLI website.
  • Establish the production schedule for each catalog, and ensure the availability of editing and proofreading resources.
  • Establish a yearly budget for the preparation and printing of catalogs.
  • Provide the course content information to Class Support Subcommittee so that they can enlist class managers.
  • Provide the course content information to the Registration Subcommittee. 
  • Provide the addresses of catalog recipients for mailing.

Required Coordination

The Catalog Subcommittee coordinates its tasks with the Curriculum, Class Support, and Registration.

The Catalog Chair also interacts with mailing and with the professional editor, and designer, and with the staff at Bard College Central Services. The Subcommittee provides a yearly budget estimate to the Treasurer.

Time Commitment / Duration

  • Committee members are expected to participate in two rounds of proofreading for Fall and Spring catalogs, individually, often over a weekend specified when the production schedule is established.
  • Intersession (Winter) and SummerFest catalogs get one round of proofreading.

Special Skills

Familiarity with publication process, ability to spot misspelling, and skill in proofreading. Knowledge of document editing software is a plus.

Produce a timely catalog

The catalog informs members of course offerings during the year.