Why Use Google Apps?

Free for LLI members

Google apps are a set of applications that LLI members get to use for free when they log into Google with their lli.bard.edu accounts. This is all part of being a G Suite for Education school.

Some of these apps may be  familiar to you because you use Microsoft applications (which you must pay to use):

  • Google Docs is for word processing, similar to Word;
  • Google Slides is for presentations, similar to PowerPoint;
  • Google Sheets is for calculations, similar to Excel.
LLI Members

Why Use Them (besides they are free)?

  • Designed for collaboration: you can edit a document while someone else views your changes in real time.
  • Compatible with all the computers at Bard: have you ever been in a class where the presenter created slides using some software that cannot be converted or displayed in the Bard classrooms?
  • Available as apps on almost all devices, including mobile phones and tablets.

How Do I Use Them?

When you log in to Google, click the square checkerboard in the top right of the page (on some devices, this might appear as the burger icon or a plus sign). When you click that, you will see a list of the apps available–and it is a long list!

Future articles in the newsletter Tech Corner will describe how to use these apps in more detail. Or you can always look at the LLI website under Membership> Participating Members> Using G-Suite for Members’ for tutorials from LLI or look at the Google G Suite Learning Center.

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How do I get an LLI Account?

If you are an LLI member, you can get your own LLI account by emailing [email protected]. You will get an invitation from Google to set up your account with a link to click. When you click the link, you will need to change your password to something you remember, at least eight characters long.