Fall Luncheon

Save the Date

Friday, September 6, is LLI’s kickoff day for the fall semester. There will be:

  • Orientation for new members, including welcomes from Council members and distributing necessities such as name tags, parking tags, and Bard IDs.
  • Meetings for class support teams – AV support and class managers ﹘to meet with producers and presenters to confirm plans for their classes.
  • The LLI member art show will be open in Ball Lounge and in the halls of the Campus Center.
  • LLI’s Fall Luncheon begins after the orientations at 11:30 a.m.
LLI Members Talking

Luncheon Changes

The luncheon will be different this year. The Multipurpose Room will be set up with chairs and only a few tables. The food will be “finger food,” easy to manage without formal seating and easier to place around the room.

This will allow us to accommodate as many LLI members who want to attend because we don’t have to fit in tables. There will be no additional fee to reserve your place at the luncheon.


Our speaker will be Dr. Joshua Ginsberg, the President of the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies in Millbrook, New York. He has held that office since becoming the Institute’s third president in 2014. His area of expertise for the past 35 years has been wildlife conservation. His talk will encompass the history, research, and goals of the Institute, particularly his current research on the restoration of carnivore populations in the United States and Canada.