Simplifying Registration


Our switch to first-come, first-served registration for the spring semester went very well. Of 318 members, 279 signed up for spring classes. The initial comments about the new procedure were generally favorable, with most people appreciating knowing their course schedule immediately. Only a few people had difficulty with the new system.

Our next step in improving the registration process will come with the fall semester. We are adopting ProClass, registration software that also is set up to accept people on a first-come, first-served basis. ProClass has several advantages. It is more convenient for members and allows them to control their own data. And it allows them to create a wish list, which will be convenient for people who have trouble deciding which class to take.

Member Benefits

For members, ProClass works like many of the shopping websites used by online merchants these days, so it will seem very familiar. Each member will have a username and password and can log in at any time to see their registrations, their own data, their memberships, their payments, and even their course wish list. If someone forgets their username and password, the member simply enters their email address and gets a password reset email sent instantly.

Members will access ProClass through our LLI website, using either a computer or a mobile device using a web browser. Course descriptions will be displayed in ProClass, including presenters, class managers, and producers for each course. As an added benefit, each course will include a map to the building located at Bard. Some of us forget how difficult it can be to find buildings on campus!

Class Manager Benefits

For our hard-working volunteers, many of the processes used to keep LLI running smoothly will be streamlined. For example, class managers will be able to take attendance online and even email everyone in a class with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Learning More

To learn more about this system, go to Deborah Schwartz’s article Three Reasons to Love ProClass in this issue. Thanks to Deborah, Chuck Mishaan, Susan Christofferson, Carmela Gersbeck, Al Gersbeck, Navin Sharma, Michael Scudder, and the LLI Council who watched demonstrations of the software.

Great things are coming up for LLI members in the area of course registration!