As an all-volunteer organization, it is sometimes difficult for LLI members to know whom to contact when they have questions. LLI uses group email addresses to handle questions (meaning, there is a dedicated team of volunteers here to help you).

Listed below are some of the email addresses you may want to use.

Commonly Used Group Email Addresses

General inquiries about LLI. The recipients will forward requests to the appropriate committee.

Provides technical help to members, such as help with ProClass or logging in to G Suite. Please allow 24 hours for a response.

For new members to ask nontechnical questions about their new LLI membership.

Respond to questions or suggestions about the LLI website.

Committee Email Addresses

Every committee in LLI has a group email address. These addresses are named after the committee name with no abbreviations. Case does not matter in email addresses.

Some of these are listed below:


Standing Committees


Teams are coordinated by Committees. Not all of LLI teams are shown here, just the most used ones.

Contacting LLI