Membership Development Committee Ready for Deep Sleep?


Our friends the bears are now looking for shelter to begin hibernation.  Bears hibernate in order to survive the winter without food. Calcium in the body is recycled into bones and when the bear wakes up, it is fit and ready. Momma bears begin hibernating at the start of pregnancy and when they wake up, give birth. Like the bears, LLI’s Membership Development Committee is getting sleepy now, preparing for the time they become active again.  

Robert Inglish

Gathering the Community

Spring was busy working on member renewal letters, contacting folks who previously expressed interest in joining LLI, as well as processing new applications. Continuing to gather in the spirit of community in the fall, the mentor program, the brainchild of “Bear Beyond Compare,” Robert Inglish, was very active. He helped recruit mentors and made sure the new members received welcoming letters and personal outreach by mentors. For the first time, orientation was conducted online in several fun sessions. Orientation was followed by online socials with new members and mentors. Kim Sears graciously directed orientation and online new member socials.

Spring Awakening

The committee is ready to rest a bit! During hibernation new strength will be generated. Over the winter, the Social Gathering Team, which is overseen by this committee, is planning some fun online events. Mentors will continue to be in contact with new members. Barbara Burns, the Volunteer Coordinator, will direct placement of volunteers with tasks. New Membership Development Chairperson Linda Still will be guiding the group so that when spring arrives, the committee will be fit and ready to start the season anew.

According to Linda, “We have an effective and diligent group of volunteers. This committee is a great place for new members to volunteer as we work with various committees and individuals to ensure LLI offers not only classes, but also personal connections. And even though Robert is now Deputy Chair of this committee, don’t you worry: He will be as active as ever and we will share responsibilities. We would love to have more members on our committee. I think our President, Nanci Kryzak, summed it up perfectly when she said, ‘Membership Development truly serves LLI: to welcome, recruit, and support, with opportunities galore.’”

Contact Linda at if you are interested in joining the committee. Or go to