Profile of Stacey Adams


Where is my parking hangtag? Hey, our classroom is locked. I got a parking ticket — what for? Who you gonna call? Try Stacey Adams. She is the Office Resource Coordinator for Bard College’s Security team. She works with LLI’s Member Services team volunteers to register LLI members’ cars, issues hangtags for our vehicles, and coordinates other security needs. Membership Services Chair Robert Inglish says she is “wonderfully responsive.” Kim Sears adds, “Stacey has been nothing short of miraculous.”

Bard Office of Safety and Security

Bard is an open campus with public roads running through it. The Bard Office of Safety and Security is responsible for the safety and security of the students and others on campus and is available to respond 24/7. Besides responding to emergencies, Security staff patrol the campus, respond to emergencies, keep track of vehicles, and allocate that scarce resource—parking.

Everything You Need to Know about Hangtags

Every vehicle parking on campus gets a hangtag from Stacey and is then designated to park in specific areas. Stacey Adams has made it easy for Bard LLI members. Once your car is registered with her office and issued a hangtag, that registration is good as long as you remain a member of Bard LLI. (You can use the tag on whatever car you drive to campus.) If you lose the tag, you can just email Stacey at for a replacement. A map and listing of parking spots for LLI members is here. You may get a parking ticket if you park in a fire lane, on the grass, or in an area not designated for LLI members. Don’t panic and don’t ignore it. Tell your story to Stacey in the Security Office. She’s willing to listen. She has lots of experience adjudicating student fines for parking violations, lockouts, etc. 

A Wealth of Experience

Stacey has been part of the Bard Security staff for ten years, beginning part-time and gradually taking on more responsibilities as the administrator for the office. In addition to registering the vehicles that park on campus, she has a wide range of responsibilities from managing the record-keeping of the security staff, assisting on-campus resident faculty, providing support in other areas to John Gomez, the Vice President of Operations, and administering the system of tickets and fines.