Hiking and Learning Go Hand-in-Hand


Combine a love of hiking with a docent who can stop and explain environmental changes, different types of trees, and vernal ponds, and you have this spring’s Guided Hiking at Minnewaska class. Laura Connor, our docent, planned five hikes that took us on various paths throughout Minnewaska State Park with all the earmarks of a great class: learning, socialization, and exercise!

The hikes included both the cultural history, featuring the story of the Lake Minnewaska Resort and its connection with the current conservation of the site, and the natural history, including topics as diverse as plant identification, animal life, and an overview of local geology of this beautiful park preserve. We have Marge Moran, Vicki Hoener, and Robin Berger to thank for bringing this class to LLI. Click on the photos below and scroll through them (they’ll get bigger once you click on them).