A Course is Born!


Receiving the LLI catalog and registering for courses this Spring semester probably reminds us how fortunate we are to have the chance to learn together. But how do these courses magically appear? Have you ever had a great idea for a course? Or thought you could teach one yourself but didn’t know how to get on the class schedule? Here are the answers to all your questions.

Birthing a Class

Like all births, this takes time. The deadline for Summerfest (June) course proposals is March 18. The deadline for fall semester class proposals will be in the first or second week of July. But don’t wait until near the deadline to spring your bright idea on Curriculum Committee Chair Linda Legendre.

You are Not Alone

You will not have to work by yourself to develop a proposal for the course. The Curriculum Committee assigns every course under development a producer who will work with you to develop the proposal and to create the course. Our experienced producers and strong Curriculum Committee make certain our classes are well-developed, interesting, and engaging.

Linda LeGendre

Think Ahead

So take a moment to think about a class you would love and consider proposing it. The earlier you discuss it with the Curriculum Committee the better. Six weeks or more before the proposal deadline is best.

Chair Linda LeGendre may be contacted at [email protected].