Some Winter Pleasure: LLI 2019 Intersession

Photo above is by Jacques Luiggi and it is a Bard College photo.

Look Forward to a Respite

As the new year begins, LLI members are fortunate to be able to look forward to a respite from the solitude that can sometimes accompany winter’s cold, short days.

That respite arrives on four consecutive Wednesdays this January, the 9th, 16th, 23rd, and 30th.  Early sessions start at 11:00 a.m. and run until 12:30 p.m. Afternoon sessions begin at 1:30 p.m. and run until 3 p.m. There is no registration, and guests of LLI members will be welcome.

Felice Gelman
Anne Richey

Wonderful Presenters

This year’s wonderful presenters include the return of two popular favorites, Lou Trapani, discussing the actor’s life, and Rev. Dr. Mark D. Isaacs, on a scandalous Victorian explorer.

Two new Intersession presenters, who happen to be LLI members, will share their work with us. Felice Gelman is a retired securities analyst and portfolio manager who has spent the last 11 years working to support The Freedom Theatre, a theater and cultural center in the city of Jenin in the West Bank of Palestine. She will speak about their work in a presentation: Theater in a Conflict Zone: Cultural Resistance.

Anne Richey, who has taught several poetry courses for LLI, will share her passion for John Burroughs with us. Anne is a poet and the author of Church of the Robin’s Ha-Ha!: John Burroughs’ “Natural Religion” and Other Poems. She is a docent at both Woodchuck Lodge (where the photo of her that accompanies this article is taken) and Slabsides, Burroughs’ writing retreats.

Other presenters new to LLI include Brent Sverdloff, Lynda Wisdo, and Chris Kendall, who will explore such enticing topics improving memory, dream wisdom, and working at the South Pole Telescope.

Special Events Chair

Special Events/Intersession Chair, Gene Burns says: “Well, we certainly do have an interesting mix of topics and speakers for this year’s Intersession. There’s some political theater, a talk on John Burroughs, the real story behind the demise of the Gilded Age, what really happens when we dream, the challenges of an actor’s life, fun and games in Antarctica, the extraordinarily outrageous life of the other Sir Richard Burton, and we’ll learn techniques for remembering names and faces. Please be sure to bring a guest…and plan to have lunch with us. As always, the Down the Road Café in Bertelsmann will be open for our lunch break from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. See you in January!”

Gene notes that the 2019 Intersession Catalog will be posted in early December. He thanks his committee and the producers who helped to bring us the varied presentations.