Speak Your Mind – Please!

Evaluations Make a Difference

A lot goes into making a class great — a well-prepared presenter, good graphics or video images where appropriate, a classroom with equipment that works, lively discussion — and much more.  Your class evaluations are important and make a difference. The curriculum committee needs your unvarnished input into what went well and what didn’t.

As presenter Victoria Sullivan noted, ‘When you do a lot of public performance, sometimes you bomb.” She continued, “For me, the best part of evaluations is when people write a few sentences. Then I know something more specific. For example, ‘I loved this writer because of this and Victoria Sullivan claimed this, and I tend to agree with her.’ Or, a more negative one like, ‘I can’t understand why we never talked about x in the class,’ whatever it is. Things like that are worth knowing…I want to be effective…”

The curriculum committee reads and discusses all the evaluations and provides feedback to the presenters. As curriculum committee member Dorothy Baran noted, “If we don’t have the curriculum, we don’t have LLI… getting feedback from evaluations is important… And while it takes someone a few minutes every week because there are multiple presenters, or at the end, someone who has enjoyed the class and gives feedback and even good criticism. Whether it’s good or bad we listen to it….The presenter needs the feedback. We give them the good and the bad…we don’t give them names.”

You have been emailed an evaluation link for each class.  Just search your email for “evaluation” and click on the link.  If you attended a multi-presenter class, we hope you have been sending in a form for each presenter.  If you missed a few, you can click here to get all the links for multi-presenter classes.