Thanks for Many Years of AV Support, Dennis

Enjoy your retirement

When LLI AV team members need help with computer displays that don’t turn on,  sound systems that won’t un-mute, or any equipment that just will not cooperate, the place we look to is a small office on the first floor of the Olin building. That’s the home of the Bard AV staff.

For many years, at least since 2007, when we knocked on the door, texted or called, the person who often rescued us was Dennis Villiers, Audio/Visual Manager. Dennis would bring spare parts, connectors, special equipment, extension cords and, most importantly, exceptional knowledge and background to fix whatever needed attention. He was often the unseen reason an LLI class or program ran smoothly, and sometimes he was the only reason the equipment for a class or program was able to be used at all!

In addition to helping with emergencies, Dennis often handled AV assistance requests for planned LLI events such as the Annual Meeting. Dennis also assisted large LLI classes with setting up microphones and computer sound for our presenters.  He always made sure sound levels were set at the best levels possible.

Dennis has announced that he is retiring at the end of the Spring 2019 semester. While we are happy for him, we are sad to lose him. On behalf of the LLI AV support team, and the entire membership of the Bard LLI family, we want to wish Dennis the very best in his retirement and to thank him greatly for all the years of help and support.