What New Members Are Thinking

New Member Survey results

The Membership Development Committee is getting some great feedback from new LLI members. Three-quarters of new members filled out the new member survey, offering their reactions and ideas. (Take note, LLI members, it’s time to evaluate your spring classes!) Here are some of the results.

How are new members feeling about their experience at LLI? Did they feel comfortable on campus after the campus tours?  Did they attend the post-orientation lunch and was that worthwhile? Did the new system of providing new members with mentors help?  Do they think, after being an LLI member for a few months, that they could become a volunteer?

LLI is the sum of all of its members’ ideas and efforts so answers to these questions are all important information.

What We Learned

We learned some good things:

85% of the 52 new members were overwhelmingly satisfied with their experience.  “The level of organization and the quality of information is exceptional.” “Overall, thank you, I loved the experience.”

We got some ideas:

“I would like to see bus trips to concerts and museums, particularly on weekdays.”

We learned about some areas where we need improvement:

Only half the new members answered the question about mentors and, of those, only two-thirds had been contacted by their mentor. Not everyone felt they needed a mentor, but many found the program was helpful and welcoming.

The Membership Development Committee has revised its guidelines for mentors and will be offering a sample welcoming letter to mentors who volunteer to shepherd new members in the fall.

Carol Goss
Members helping

New Members Need To Help out

Although some new members have already signed up as volunteers, not that many responded that they would like to do so.

Membership Development will be hosting a table near the hospitality room during the lunch hour to let people know more about available volunteer opportunities.