Bard STEM Fellows Have Some Edutainment for Your Grandchildren


If you have children living with you at this time, there’s always a quest for things to do. If you are staying in touch with grandchildren by Zoom, it’s fun to have an activity you both can engage in. The STEM fellows at Bard’s Center for CIvic Engagement have come up with a series of entertaining, simple science projects that can be done with supplies found in your kitchen.

You’ll find a complete list of the short YouTube videos here.They include experiments with carbon dioxide (making an apple volcano, creating fizzy lemonade), experiments with density (making a liquid rainbow in a jar), experiments with air pressure (crushing a soda can, creating a cloud in a bottle) and much, much more.



Science for Kids

The STEM fellows doing Science for Kids are part of a CCE program that works in afterschool science programs including field trips, inviting 8th graders to a Day of Science at Bard, Girls’ Math Club, Math Circles, a Rubik’s Cube Club, Science Saturdays, and Science Fair mentoring. They are all undergraduates — sophomores and juniors, with a variety of interests. These videos are part of the effort to move some of CCE’s science and math outreach work on-line. You can subscribe or just check back on the Bard CCE YouTube channel to see new videos.