Embracing Change


“Visualizing what you want for the future can help you navigate that stuck feeling, reduce stress, and open up new possibilities!” So LLI member Kayla Bell stated when she initiated a group experience for us via Zoom on December 10th. Kayla demonstrated visualization techniques, including vision boards, to help us in our quest to effect personal change.

Speaking to/with a group of about 16 of us, Kayla outlined that it was important to admit our current status, but more important was to create a positive affirmation of what specific attributes we wanted to embrace. She cited Oprah Winfrey’s comments on the “Law of Attraction”:

What you think about
Talk about
Believe vigorously
And feel intensely
You will bring about.
        — Oprah Winfrey

Imagine It, Believe It, and Achieve It

To assist us in moving toward an enhanced state of being, Kayla assigned each of us a descriptive attribute. Classmates were given titles such as: Strong, Optimism, Abundant, Resilient, Handsome, and others. I was given Gratitude. We each spoke about how that attribute may or may not apply to ourselves. It was a wonderful way of getting to know fellow LLIers a bit better.

To propel ourselves toward an enhanced vision, Kayla said we had to “Imagine it, Believe it, and Achieve it.” Nothing in the universe of being, is impossible. Well, this visual falls into the “Impossible” category for me!

Create a Vision Board

We were encouraged to make a positive statement about ourselves every day, and to set an intention. If we operate only on past experiences, it’s probable we’ll never change. It’s important to accept who/where we are, but even more important, to rewire our thinking so that we can operate toward the future. To help with that rewiring, Kayla suggests creating a “Vision Board.”

Back when Kayla received training on this subject, she was assigned the attribute of “Magnificence.” Here is one of the visuals she created to place around her house to affirm and reinforce that quality about herself.


Kayla believes that while some things might seem unfair, everything in the universe has a purpose. The universe out there is just waiting for our instruction. So, think about your intention, write it down, believe it, and it will happen.

As classmate Nanci Kryzak stated, “We’re creating every moment every moment.” Moments lead to possibilities.

Nice to know, isn’t it, that we needn’t be forever stuck in the “same old, same old”? Onward!