If You Want to Get Something Done, Ask a Busy Person


One of LLI’s core values is transparency. Anyone may request an invitation to LLI Council meetings to see how the sausage—the process of producing dozens of classes and keeping LLI running—is made. For those of you who haven’t attended a Council meeting, we would like to let you hear from this year’s crop of new members.

One of the common threads among this varied group is they are all willing to add responsibility for helping to run LLI to the already full plate of a busy life.

Some of our Current Council Members
Linda Stanley

Linda Stanley, 1st Vice President

Linda Stanley, an LLI member since 2008, served on the Council before and chaired the Membership Services Committee (now the Membership Development Committee). She is now our 1st Vice President and chairs the Nominating and Elections Committees. Linda has always been interested in encouraging LLI members to extend and increase their participation in the organization. “The organization exists because volunteers do the work,” something she knows well from her extensive experience working on the Rhinebeck Farmers’ Market, Wilderstein, and other community organizations.

The big surprise, as she took over as 1st Vice President, was that LLI classes and committees would be meeting over Zoom rather than in person. “I don’t think of myself as particularly technologically competent, but I’ve learned a lot. I was pleasantly surprised to see how well the Council has worked virtually. We get a lot done. It’s a tribute to how much we all love LLI.”

Robert Beaury, Treasurer

Robert Beaury joined LLI in 2019 and jumped into the thick of things. He immediately investigated the possibilities at LLI by observing a few meetings of the Curriculum Committee. A dedicated teacher, he has taught each semester since joining LLI.

Robert is our Treasurer. The position, he says, requires a good sense of basic accounting, the ability to create a budget and look to the future for planning. These are skills he gets to use in much of the rest of his busy life—as Supervisor for the town of Germantown, on the Finance Committee of the Columbia County legislature, and as his town’s chief financial officer.

Robert Beaury
John Mathews

John Mathews: Member-at-Large

John Mathews is a retired physician. In addition to his hospital duties, he was a long-time volunteer for Doctors WIthout Borders, traveling mostly South Sudan and the Congo. Two years ago, facing retirement, he did some research on possible activities and discovered the Bard LLI. He joined in 2019, finding the classes very enjoyable. He was interested to learn how the organization functioned and very pleased that new members were invited to attend Council meetings. “I learned a lot sitting in and observing,” he said. 

“After a few months, I was asked if I would be interested in serving as an at-large member. I was very happy to do it. The members-at-large,” John noted, “are the ears on the ground for the general membership, raising members’ concerns to the Council.”  He hopes other members know how welcome their involvement will be.

Marge Moran: Member-at-Large

Marge joined Bard LLI in 2013 and has been active on a variety of committees, including the Curriculum Committee, Leadership Development, and Social Gatherings. The Curriculum Committee is particularly close to her heart. It was her first venture onto a committee after a stint as a class manager. “One meeting and I never stopped going,” she said.  

She’s clearly in love with learning since, after her retirement as a speech pathologist, she studied to become a Reiki master and has taught a class in Reiki at Bard LLI. Like our other new Council members, she has added that role on top of her already busy life of walking, hiking, kayaking, enjoying grandchildren, and involvement in other community organizations.  

As we said at the beginning, ask a busy person if you want to get something done.

Marge Moran