SummerFest Returns


SummerFest will start the first week of June, with a wonderful variety of interesting courses. Most classes will be held on campus on Fridays, with one Friday Zoom class. There will be one off-campus in-person class on Wednesdays. You can check out the schedule on May 13 when the complete ProClass catalog will be available. Registration starts May 20 and ends June 11 and will be held on a first-come, first-served basis. Classes are offered free to all members. Nonmembers may also register for a fee of $25 per course. Here’s an overview of what we can anticipate.

Who We Are and Where We Can Go

In You and Your Shadow: Culture’s Impact on Self Image, Catherine Baiardi (LLI) will explore how we have been conditioned by our culture. She will offer some unique tools to help us redefine ourselves from the inside out and open ourselves to a new awareness and freedom.

Would you believe that subtle rocking and rolling as you lie on the floor can help you move with more ease and pleasure when you get up again? Margaret Pierpont (LLI) will show us how in Rocking and Rolling: Getting Mobilized with Awareness Through Movement.

Our current healthcare system can present a number of practical and philosophical issues, including ageism, sexism, difficulty communicating with medical professionals, and making good treatment choices. Carolyn Siewers will help members deal with these and other issues in Navigating the Healthcare System: Taking Charge of Your Health. This is our one Zoom class for SummerFest.

Colleen Ashe will offer her organizational and problem-solving skills to help us address issues about downsizing and aging in place in Life’s Transitions: Cruising Through Your Aging-in-Place or Downsizing Adventure.

Climate Change

The emission of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere and the effect on the earth’s climate is considered the principal environmental challenge of the 21st century. In Climate Change: The Science, the Impact, and the Proposed Solutions. Patrick DeHaven PhD (LLI) examines the impact of greenhouse gas emissions, proposals to convert to renewable energy sources, and the challenges in making that conversion in a timely manner.

Lisa Schwarzbaum


Jeff Christensen (LLI), Ralph Arlyck, and Nina Lynch (LLI) will offer Documented Lives, three separate films about the oral histories of two Rhinebeck residents, the reality of aging, and Maggie Kuhn, the founder of the Gray Panthers. Film critic Lisa Schwarzbaum (LLI) evaluates which movies portray journalists as truth-seekers, manipulators, sophisticates, or dupes in Stop the Presses! The Media Seen Through the Movies.

The Humanities

For students who are new to painting or those looking to hone their skills, Courtney Skeen will provide an Introduction to Acrylic Painting. Students will become familiar with the entire artistic process from start to finish. The current move to ban books in schools has a long history in the United States in the belief that it will protect children from disturbing topics. In Three Banned Books, Mary McClellan (LLI) will lead members in a discussion of Walk Two Moons, Maus, and The Hate You Give.

Donn Critchell

The Great Outdoors

Carmela and Al Gersbeck will return on Wednesdays with their popular Learn to Play the Fun Game of Bocce. Players will not only have a great time learning and playing the game but also have a chance to picnic with their fellow players.