Meet New LLI President, Robert Beaury


Perhaps you have already met Robert Beaury if you live in Germantown where he served as Town Supervisor, or in the Germantown courtroom where he was elected judge three times and served for nine plus years. Or maybe you have taken one of the several LLI classes (sometimes with provocative course titles) he has offered on various historical themes, or consulted with him in his role as Bard LLI treasurer. A member of Bard LLI since 2019, Robert is now taking on a new role as Bard LLI President. When he says, “I have many hats,” he means it in more than one way. If you have met him, you will understand.

Robert Beaury

A Bit of Background

Robert moved from New York City, where he was raised, to Germantown in 1994. He has a BA from Hunter College, a master’s in education, and is a certified public school superintendent. Robert worked as a paralegal for a Wall Street firm and a Park Avenue firm and taught social studies at Germantown High School among his many jobs. Mostly he loves history, in particular the late 19th century to the early 20th century. He sees many issues from the past repeating in the problems of today.

Ready to Take on the Job

The responsibilities of LLI president are constantly changing, especially in this time of COVID 19. There are regular monthly duties as well as the need to respond to evolving issues, embrace unexpected opportunities, and remain in tune with the needs of LLI members. Robert understands all this, as well as the ongoing need to maintain the fantastic liaison LLI has with Bard College. He says that his greatest strength is in the details and using them to build upon when seeking answers and solving problems. His main goals are to be sure Bard LLI continues to offer the best quality courses and to make LLI technology more usable for members. Those who have worked with Robert glowingly report that he is experienced, professional, smart, and, perhaps, most importantly, kind. The mission of Bard LLI in Robert’s words is, “To offer the space and the place where members can continue to learn and grow in a number of directions, as well as find opportunities to enrich life, have new experiences, volunteer, and forge new friendships.”

Welcome, Robert!

So, look for Robert and welcome him in this new role. Maybe sign up to take the course he is offering in the fall entitled: The Gilded Age: Sex, Drugs and a Splendid Little War. Check out what hat he is wearing. As Nanci Kryzak, our wonderful outgoing LLI president confidently states, “We are in good hands!”