Information Needed for Coming on Campus


If you are a new member or a renewing member who has not been on campus, there are important steps to take. You need to register your car, get your parking hangtag, secure your Bard student ID (optional), and be familiar with LLI’s COVID-19 protocol, which is outlined in a separate article. Here are the basics.

Parking on Campus

If you are not already registered for parking at Bard LLI, please do so immediately. Your car must be registered with Bard Security: complete and submit the vehicle registration form at Bard Security Vehicle Registration. Note: disregard the parking fee: Bard generously allows us to park for free. On the form, enter any five-digit number for your Bard ID and for the Bard email address, use your preferred email address. Be sure to enter your cell phone number so that Security can reach you if there is a problem with your vehicle while it is parked on campus. Security will issue you a hangtag to display on your mirror.

If you registered your car a few weeks ago, your hangtag should be available at orientation or for the on-campus tour. If you registered your car more recently, the parking hangtag will be available at the greeting table on the first day of classes. 

Please check out the Bard LLI webpage for information on designated parking areas at Membership<Current Members<Parking on Bard Campus

Confirming Vaccination Status

New LLI members will receive a lanyard with their ID and stickers indicating their vaccination status has been verified. Your LLI ID will be ready on your first visit to campus if you email your proof of vaccination (photo of your CDC COVID-19 Vaccination card or digital NYS Excelsior Pass), including at least one booster, to [email protected]. If you have not yet done so and plan to come onto campus, please do so now. You will not be able to register for any in-person classes or events until your status is verified. You can register for Zoom classes without proof of vaccination.

Bard Student ID

Membership Services has scheduled appointments to obtain Bard student IDs following the campus tours on September 1 and September 8. If you are unable to participate on these days, IDs are available at the physical plant offices behind the Reem-Kayden Center for Science and Computation. Normal weekday hours are 11:00 to 11:45 a.m. and 12:30 to 3:00 p.m.  Note that on some days the office may be closed without an announcement.

Student IDs are useful for access to Stevenson Library and other campus venues and for discounts at Bard, as well as other places that provide student discounts.  Please note that our LLI Bard IDs do not include access to Stevenson Gym or Pool.  Memberships to these facilities may be purchased if desired.

If you intend to use the Bard bus, you must have an ID. An ID is not necessary for LLI classes or events.

If you have any questions, contact [email protected]