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Celebrate LLI Members Who Make It All Happen

Member-led LLI

LLI only works because of the efforts of many members who volunteer their time and skills. Scroll down to see all the members who contributed to LLI’s success in the Spring and SummerFest programs. A committee chair or co-chair has * after the name; the secretary has ** after the name.

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How is LLI Doing?

Election Results

Ollie Johnson confirmed the election results:

  • Tom Esposito, president
  • Jan Wallen, first vice president
  • Susan Hirsch, treasurer;
  • Chuck Mishaan and Cathy Reinis, members at large. 

Ollie added that e-voting was a success.  Members were able to anonymously vote for the slate of candidates and LLI was able to limit voting to one vote per members.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

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Seniors Enjoy Tea and Talking

The Bard students described their senior year projects, which were partially funded by the LLI Dean Stuart Stritzler-Levine Seniors-to-Seniors Grant. One senior even came directly from her “board review” to announce that she had passed. And one senior made a video to explain her project since she could not come in person: she was taking her citizenship test that very day.

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What Courses Are Planned for Fall?

In each of the five periods the Curriculum Committee tries to include classes on some aspect of art, literature, history, science, and political or social sciences as well as creative and physical activities.

Writing, hiking, and bookbinding are among the six non-Friday sessions.

Some of the highlights:

History and current affairs

In new angles for history buffs,

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