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2019 Annual Meeting


The Annual Meeting on May 17 offered attendees a delicious brunch, the chance to socialize with other LLI members, a discussion of LLI business, and a delightful program from the US-China Music Institute. There were questions and discussion about our budget, recognition of the many, many volunteers in attendance,

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New Committee Heads

Welcome New Committee Heads

We can welcome three LLI members to their new positions heading some important committees and serving on the LLI Council.

Ann Miller

In July, Ann Miller will bring her organizational skills to her new position as Chair of Program Support, in addition to her help on the Workflow and Class Support committees.

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Thank You For The Feedback

Summary of Course Evaluations

The Curriculum Committee appreciates all the ratings and comments that you gave for our Spring 2019 classes. Your experience was overwhelmingly positive with a combined evaluation for all classes of 9.4 And for all presenters of 9.4. Your comments are shared with the class presenters by the “producers,” the members of the Curriculum Committee who work with the presenters.

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Octopus or Tarantula?

Fontaine 1984

There is a delightful small fountain lying in wait for you between Olin Hall and Warden’s Hall, just to the west of Olin. Titled Fontaine 1984, it is in operation seasonally, from now through October.

At first glance, it may resemble a pile of stainless steel cannons – but the cylinder parts are animated,

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The Arboretum Called Bard


Try to imagine your garden measuring 930 acres. Try to imagine it containing hundreds of varieties of flowers, bushes, grasses, and other flora. Try to imagine how much work it takes to design, manage, nurture, and maintain it for people to enjoy. You don’t have to imagine it. It’s right here.

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From Sentenced to Scholar


How did a debate team made up of people doing time at a New York State prison in the Catskills defeat both Harvard and Cambridge – two of the most respected debate teams ever? They were students in the Bard Prison Initiative (BPI). Their skills were honed in a college degree program that may be one of Bard’s most innovative efforts.

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Bard College: An Ecosystem of Engagement

Article by Jonathan Becker

This is an in-depth article, written by Jonathan Becker, about the nature of Bard’s civic engagement work.

Here is the abstract:

Despite its moderate size and rural location, Bard’s civic engagement efforts resonate locally, nationally, and internationally, and have significant public policy impacts.

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Why Use Google Apps?

Free for LLI members

Google apps are a set of applications that LLI members get to use for free when they log into Google with their accounts. This is all part of being a G Suite for Education school.

Some of these apps may be  familiar to you because you use Microsoft applications (which you must pay to use):

  • Google Docs is for word processing,

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Frog Chorus

Parliament of Reality

You will find The Parliament of Reality in the large meadow in front of the Fisher Center. It is perhaps the most well-known piece in the Bard College collection of outdoor sculpture. Created by Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson in 2009, this large installation was inspired by the original Icelandic parliament,

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The Curriculum Committee Wants to Know

What did you Think of Your Courses?

What did you think of your courses this semester?  Did the content and presentation meet your expectations? Would you recommend the course to others? Might you have changed part of it? The Curriculum Committee really wants to know. You rely on the committee to produce the quality courses you enjoy each semester.

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