Stay Warm With WinterFest


As we settle down after the holiday season, we can start looking forward to WinterFest 2022. On four consecutive Wednesdays, beginning on January 5, there will be two lectures concerning a broad range of subjects. We need not worry about icy roads or parking since all lectures will be held on Zoom. Registration will not be required, and you may invite individual guests. Here’s a foretaste of what’s going to be on offer.

Social Issues

In conversation with longtime LLI members and presenters Barbara Danish and Laura Brown, Dr. Ivan Godfrey addresses the racial, economic, and psychological dimensions of The Criminal Justice System in America and Its Attempt at a More Humane Approach. Photographer Jeff Brouws illustrates the impact of rampant sprawl on White flight, economic disinvestment, and racial segregation in Sprawl and Its Impact on Inner-City America. In Restorative Justice, Ezra Weissman provides an overview of Restorative Philosophy and an introduction to Circle Practice, a dialogue style that can build community and address conflict.

The Arts

LLI member Dr. Stephen Adalman, a retired ophthalmologist, investigates the effects of visual disorders such as myopia and astigmatism on the works of some well-known Impressionists in An Ophthalmologist Looks at Art Through the Artist’s Eyes. And LLI member Judith Nelson will deepen our understanding of dance as an art form, whether as a spectator or dancer, in a lecture-demonstration titled Space, Time, and Energy. Anyone who has listened to Blue’s People on radio Kingston will enjoy a talk by John Blue about this quintessentially American music. And Sybil DelGaudio asks us to consider what makes a performer a star by telling the story of long-time Hudson Valley resident James Cagney.

Local History

In Welcome to Wilderstein, Katherine Charapko offers a photo tour of the Hudson Valley’s most famous example of Victorian architecture. This historic house was home to generations of the Suckley family, particularly Daisy Suckley, a cousin and confidante of Franklin Roosevelt.

Look for the complete catalog on December 16.